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Beformance Shaker

4-piece shaker bottle for perfectly mixed protein shakes or meal replacements on the go

  • 500 ml capacity – enough for double-serving shakes
  • Always smell-free – use it, wash it and use it again
  • Premium, non-toxic plastic – durable and safe for long-term use
  • 100% reliable leak-proof lid
  • Great grip – even during sweaty workouts

Contents: 1x Beformance Shaker 1 unit/0 days

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Enjoy perfectly mixed protein shakes – no matter where you are

Shaker Bottle is designed to make your protein shakes smooth, light and airy – with no effort at all. A special 3-piece lid makes it possible for you to whip up your shake with just a few shakes, and then drink it from the same bottle. Put a cap on to save it for later or take it to-go.

Perfect shake every time

As practical as it gets

You can use it to mix protein shakes, take your smoothies to-go or even whip cream with it. Not to mention use it as a water bottle!

  • Super light and easy to hold

  • Fits into the cup holder of your car

  • Perfect-fit lid and cap to prevent leaking

  • Has a 500 ml measuring scale and can hold up to 600 ml of liquid

Classic design with top-notch materials for safe and long-lasting use

It’s so important to try to be kind to our planet, and REUSING bottles plays a huge part in this. As Beformance Shaker Bottle is made from non-toxic and incredibly durable plastic, you will be able to use it for years and years to come. Good for the planet, good for your well-being.

100% leak-proof





Made in EU