Core one

Premium all-in-one multivitamin that fuels your body with just what it needs for everyday well-being* and high-level performance.

Its revolutionary formula helps:

  • keep your organism in optimal shape

  • supercharge your immune system

  • boost your energy

  • stimulate your brain and sharpen your focus

  • relieve stress and stress-induced tension

Forget your endless collection of supplements. Core one delivers a perfect mix of 13 essential vitamins, 3 essential minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, energy boosters, nootropics and an adaptogen in one single power drink.

*Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.


Dietary supplement with sweetener


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What Core one does for your long-term well-being

  • boosts your body’s natural immunity

  • makes sure you feel good and stay vital, even later on in life

  • decreases fatigue and helps with normal muscle function

  • protects your body from free radicals, prevents skin ageing, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and allows faster post-workout regeneration

  • supports nervous system function and cognitive health

  • maintains strong teeth and bones

  • provides instant energy and raises your energy levels in the long run

Superfuel for a super you – your brain included

When we say Core one boosts your whole body, we mean your whole body. The difference is especially noticeable on your energy levels and brain performance.

With the perfect blend of brain-boosting nootropics, stress-relieving adaptogen and gut-soothing probiotics, it delivers just what you need to stay super focused, alert and razor-sharp for hours at a time, while keeping stress at bay.

Like coffee or green tea – if they didn't come with a caffeine crash. And were combined with your daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, an adaptogen and additional antioxidants.

Core One

Core one per sachet %NRV*
Megaflora 9 Evo 1000 mg **
Bacterial strains: (2x109 CFU/g***)
- Bifidobacterium lactis W51
- Bifidobacterium lactis W52
- Enterococcus faecium W54
- Lactobacillus acidophilus W22
- Lactobacillus paracasei W20
- Lactobacillus plantarum W1
- Lactobacillus plantarum W21
- Lactobacillus salivarius W24
- Lactococcus lactis W19
Siberian ginseng extract 200 mg **
Magnesium 187.5 mg 50
Choline 165 mg **
Vitamin C 160 mg 200
Grape seed extract 100 mg **
L-theanine 100 mg **
Caffeine 50 mg **
Niacin 16 mg 100
Vitamin E 12 mg 100
Zinc 10 mg 100
Pantothenic acid 6 mg 100
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg 100
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg 100
Vitamin B1 1.1 mg 100
Vitamin A 800 µg 100
Folic acid 200 µg 100
Vitamin K1 75 µg 100
Selenium 55 µg 100
Biotin 50 µg 100
Vitamin D3 5 µg 100
Vitamin B12 2.5 µg 100

*NRV - nutrient reference value│** The recommended daily intake is not set

Allergens: Sulphites > 10 mg/kg

Food supplement with sweetener. 30 sachets for 30 days.

Ingredients (in 1 sachet): carrier: corn dextrin, magnesium citrate (magnesium 187.5 mg – 50% NRV*), Megaflora 9 Evo [maize starch; maize maltodextrin; fructo-oligosaccharides; inulin; maize dextrin; potassium chloride; hydrolyzed vegetable protein; magnesium sulphate; bacterial strains: Bifidobacterium lactis W51, Bifidobacterium lactis W52, Enterococcus faecium W54, Lactobacillus acidophilus W22, Lactobacillus paracasei W20, Lactobacillus plantarum W1, Lactobacillus plantarum W21, Lactobacillus salivarius W24, Lactococcus lactis W19; enzyme amylase; vanilla aroma powder; manganese sulphate] 1000 mg (2x109 CFU***/g), choline bitartrate (choline 165 mg), lemon juice concentrate powder, natural lemon flavor, calcium L-ascorbate (vitamin C 160 mg – 200% NRV*), siberian ginseng underground part extract with 0,8-2% eleutherosides (B+E) 200 mg, grape seed extract with 95% total polyphenols and 40% OPC (content of sulphites > 10 mg/kg) 100 mg, L-theanine 100 mg, multivitamin premix [DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E 12 mg – 100% NRV*); nicotinamide (niacin 16 mg – 100% NRV*); retinyl acetate (vitamin A 800 µg – 100% NRV*); D-pantothenate (pantothenic acid 6 mg – 100% NRV*), calcium; D-biotin (biotin 50 µg – 100% NRV*); cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12 – 2.5 µg – 100% NRV*); carrier: maltodextrin; cholecalciferol (vitamin D3 5 µg – 100% NRV*); pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6 1.4 mg – 100% NRV*); thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1 1.1 mg – 100% NRV*); riboflavin (vitamin B2 1.4 mg – 100% NRV*); phytomenadione (vitamin K1 75 µg – 100% NRV*); pteroylmonoglutamic acid (folic acid 200 µg – 100% NRV*)], acidity regulator: citric acid, zinc gluconate (zinc 10 mg – 100% NRV*), caffeine 50 mg, selenium enriched yeast (selenium 55 µg – 100% NRV*), anti-caking agent: rice concentrate, sweetener: sucralose.

*NRV = nutrient reference values ***CFU = colony forming units Contains allergens: sulphites > 10 mg/kg.

Use: The recommended daily intake is 1 sachet. Dissolve it by stirring vigorously in a glass of water (preferably 250 ml). Stir thoroughly to dissolve any lumps. Drink it after a meal.

Warning: If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of this product or use medication consult your doctor before use.

Important: The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dry and dark place at temperatures below 25°C.

Net weight: 180 g

30-Day Money-back Guarantee!

Use the product for up to 30 days and see the results first-hand. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the empty package and get a full refund.

Core one

Premium all-in-one multivitamin that fuels your body with just what it needs for everyday well-being* and high-level performance.

Its revolutionary formula helps:

  • keep your organism in optimal shape

  • supercharge your immune system

  • boost your energy

  • stimulate your brain and sharpen your focus

  • relieve stress and stress-induced tension

Forget your endless collection of supplements. Core one delivers a perfect mix of 13 essential vitamins, 3 essential minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, energy boosters, nootropics and an adaptogen in one single power drink.

*Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.


Dietary supplement with sweetener


Availability: In stock


£29.90 Pc



Choose your package:

100% money-back guarantee on satisfaction

Free shipping for orders over £50.00

Handled, shipped and delivered in 3-5 working days

Contents: 30 sachets for 30 days

Payment options:

How can we possibly promise outstanding quality for such a low price?

Our Core one drink will cost you less than a cup of coffee a day. Think of it as a daily investment in your health. At just £0.99 per day, it's a sound investment to make. But how can the price be so affordable when we’re claiming top quality?

Since we have our own manufacturing plant in Europe, we don’t have to take profits of an outside manufacturer into account.

We wanted to do everything in our power to make Core one available to as many people as possible. That is why we’ve decided to cut out the middleman and offer it directly to you. It's available exclusively through our own sales channels, avoiding the pharmacies’ and other retailers’ margins.

We're confident you'll love our product so much you’ll be taking it every day, every month. That’s also another reason why we can afford to cut our profits per individual product unit.

Why are there probiotics in Core one?

The past few years have seen a great increase in scientific articles showing how incredibly important MICROBIOTA (formerly known as microflora) is for our physical and psychological health.

Advancing technology has allowed us to learn just how many different bacteria inhabit our body, especially our gut, and what they do for us. And we’ve only scratched the surface!

What we know so far:

  • our gut is colonised by billions of microorganisms, primarily bacteria, weighing around 1.5 kilos,

  • we could not survive without (gut) bacteria,

  • bacterial variety has clear benefits – the more different types of bacteria, the stronger our immunity,

  • certain bacterial strains have positive effects on microbiota balance and thus on our general health – these particular strains are called PROBIOTICS.


  • vitamin production (vitamin K and vitamin B-complex),

  • production of short-chain fatty acids (butyric acid) - for colon health,

  • neutralising harmful substances,

  • breaking down indigestible nutrients (fibre),

  • energy production (fermentation generates up to 10% of the total energy we need).


  • "coaching" your immune system to recognise harmful substances,

  • blocking pathogens (the bad bacteria),

  • protecting intestinal mucosa (improving nutrient absorption while preventing absorption of harmful substances).

Why did we choose our patented Megaflora 9 probiotic mix?

Because it offers:

  • BETTER PROTECTION: It contains 9 of the most effective and most durable strains of well researched probiotic bacteria. Bacterial strain diversity offers better protection due to each strain’s individual attributes.

  • GREATER LONGEVITY: Megaflora 9 is made with the help of special innovative technology called ProbioAct that ensures that the bacteria survive longer in the gut and are therefore more effective. What makes that possible? In addition to 9 different bacterial strains, Megaflora 9 contains enzymes and fibre that serve as food for the bacteria and secure their stability in the gut.

  • HIGHER EFFICACY: It contains enough bacteria to guarantee their activity: the quantity of each bacterial strain in Megaflora9 is at least 1 x 109 CFU/g.


  • Bifidobacterium lactis W51

  • Bifidobacterium lactis W52

  • Enterococcus faecium W54

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus W22

  • Lactobacillus paracasei W20

  • Lactobacillus plantarum W1

  • Lactobacillus plantarum W21

  • Lactobacillus salivarius W24

  • Lactococcus lactis W19

A higher number of strains equals more protection due to each individual strain’s attributes. Megaflora 9 was designed to have different strains of bacteria working together. They have clinically proven effects on the immune system and may help in conditions such as:

  • constipation and digestive troubles,

  • bacteria caused diarrhoea,

  • traveller’s diarrhoea,

  • antibiotic-associated diarrhoea,

  • urinary tract infections,

  • irritable bowel syndrome,

  • Crohn’s disease,

  • septic and reactive arthritis.

  • Because the IMMUNE SYSTEM is responsible for your health. It’s a system of cells, tissues and organs that react to harmful substances, microorganisms and injury. Your immune system is always working towards a state that allows your body to function optimally.

  • Because over 70 % of immune system cells are located in our gut. A strong immune system is crucial to staying healthy.

  • Because probiotics (good bacteria) promote immune cell function.

  • Aside from boosting the immune system, the good bacteria also:

    • protect bowel mucosa and thus improve the absorption of all nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants)

    • stop harmful, pathogenic bacteria (they compete for living space)

WHY ARE IMMUNE CELLS CONCENTRATED IN THE INTESTINES? Most of potentially harmful substances make their way into your body via food, which enters through the intestines. That’s where the immune cells must act to prevent these toxins from accessing your bloodstream. A healthy immune system depends on healthy intestines!

Since probiotics protect the bowel mucosa, they improve nutrient absorption. Your body will utilise, not only vitamins and minerals from food more efficiently, but all the Core one ingredients as well. This means none of your money down the drain!

Why do you need antioxidants?

Antioxidants are a family of hundreds of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are either produced by your body or ingested with food. It’s been known for a while that antioxidants protect our cells from free radical damage.

If your body doesn’t neutralise free radicals (if it either fails to produce enough antioxidants on its own or you don’t get them from your diet), you become more vulnerable to inflammation and various illnesses!

WHAT ARE FREE RADICALS? They are unstable molecules that can damage cells in your body and lead to disease in the long run. They have also been linked to (accelerated) ageing.

  • Free radicals form in our bodies all the time – they are a consequence of cellular respiration and cellular energy production.

  • Many more are formed when you are undergoing infection or inflammation or when you’re exposed to environmental toxins (unbalanced diet, polluted air, smoking, alcohol consumption, various chemicals...)

HEALTHY CELLS PRODUCE MORE ENERGY AND FEWER FREE RADICALS Mitochondria IN A HEALTHY CELL (mitochondria are parts of a cell that provide it with energy). The difference between healthy and damaged cells is in ANTIOXIDANT supply; antioxidants work to disable free radicals. That’s why we bring you … THE BEST ANTIOXIDANTS for energy, vitality and youthfulness.

How can you make sure you’re getting the strongest antioxidants?

Strong antioxidants are mostly naturally present in fruit, vegetables and plants. Among them are vitamins C and E and special compounds called polyphenols.

Now, not many people eat the recommended amount of fresh fruit and vegetables every single day. So, how can you make sure to meet your daily antioxidant needs? Aside from a balanced diet, you have to make sure you pick a product that’s going to supply your body with strong antioxidants.

We chose the top-quality grape seed extract because our goal with Core one was to offer absolutely the best ingredients for your daily needs – all in one single product.

The extract is very rich in extremely strong antioxidant substances called polyphenols, especially oligomeric proanthocyanidins. They protect plants from harmful microorganisms and free radicals and play similar roles in our bodies as well.

WHY HAVE WE PICKED POLYPHENOLS? Because studies have confirmed they have a protective role in our bodies:

  • They protect against free radicals by neutralising them. This prevents depletion of vitamins E and C that would otherwise be used up in that process.

  • They neutralise certain metals (iron and copper) that are involved in formation of some quite harmful free radicals (superoxide anions), thereby preventing free radical formation.

  • They have exceptionally strong anti-inflammatory properties.

CORE ONE CONTAINS YOUR DAILY DOSE OF STRONG ANTIOXIDANTS In addition to polyphenols from grape seeds, Core one contains a patented form of vitamin C, Ester-C®.

Ester-C® is a unique and patented form of Calcium ascorbate-threonate with at least 74% highly bioavailable and active Vitamin C. A clinical study revealed that Ester-C increased vitamin C levels in the body for up to 24 hours.

How does Core one improve stress tolerance?

One way or another, we’re all under some kind of stress. The thing is that illnesses, infections, injuries, increased physical activity, smoking, alcohol, fast food, skipping meals, pollutants in the air and the environment, and dark thoughts... all count as stress, too.

Every form of long-term stress has the same effect on your body – it’s bad news. Since your body interprets stress as a threat that needs to be dealt with RIGHT AWAY, it shuts down other less crucial functions in order to SURVIVE – to leave more energy for the so-called FIGHT OR FLIGHT response:

  • the immune response is inhibited,

  • digestion slows down,

  • regeneration is on hold,

  • reproduction and libido are deemed redundant

If you’re stressed every day, all of your organs are overloaded (raised blood pressure, raised blood sugar...). If you do nothing, you are set on the path to various illnesses.

HOW DOES CORE ONE HELP WITH THAT? It contains 2 active ingredients with well-known anti-stress effects:

  • Siberian ginseng and

  • pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

Core one offers anti-stress protection with its high content of vitamins and special plant-sourced polyphenols. Why are vitamins and polyphenols so important when you’re under stress?

Because stress fires up the production of free radicals in your body. They need to be promptly neutralised to prevent cell damage (including nerve cells, which are important for stress tolerance!) and thus inflammation and illness.

  • Your body needs large amounts of antioxidative substances for neutralising free radicals.

  • Core one contains the strongest antioxidants.

SIBERIAN GINSENG Siberian ginseng is a renowned adaptogenic plant: it helps your body respond optimally to various stress factors, including physical (injuries), psychological (burn-out) or chemical ones (toxin exposure).

It provides multi-level anti-stress action: it strengthens the immune system - making your body less prone to stress, it has beneficial effects on the nervous system and neurotransmitter functions, supports mental health, helps with recovery and gets rid of fatigue.

As it optimises blood circulation, it improves brain function as well. Consider your vitality increased and your burn-out a thing of the past!

PANTOTHENIC ACID, ALSO KNOWN AS B5 Pantothenic acid, one of the eight vitamins of the B-complex, has a key role in hormone synthesis in the adrenal gland (sex and stress hormones) and red blood cell synthesis (for oxygen supply).

It also regulates the production of stress hormone cortisol – the hormone responsible for all stress-related issues. It helps the body utilise other vitamins (especially D and B2) and is involved in converting food into energy.

WHEN YOU’RE IN CONTROL OF STRESS, YOU HAVE MORE ENERGY Anti-stress ingredients also indirectly increase vitality, energy levels and concentration. Long-term stress is an all-around threat; it has ill-effects on your entire body, including your brain. Core one contains ingredients that will raise your energy levels DIRECTLY as well:

  • caffeine

  • L-theanine

  • B-complex

How can you increase your energy and focus?

The answer has many layers:

  • By providing the body with essential nutrients needed to produce energy.

  • By improving absorption, or else even the best nutrients may go to waste. This is where probiotics come into play, protecting bowel mucosa and improving nutrient absorption.

  • By controlling stress - it is a huge energy consumer.

  • Free radicals are formed during numerous chemical processes in the body. In greater numbers, they can be harmful and cause damage in your body’s cells (oxidative stress). A damaged cell can no longer efficiently produce energy. Today’s world of fast food and numerous environmental toxins lead to excessive free radicals being generated. To protect your body, you need to provide it with antioxidants.

CORE ONE OFFERS THE BEST NUTRIENTS FOR ENERGY AND CONCENTRATION The issues of increasing energy and increasing concentration (mental focus) cannot be tackled separately because they are two sides of the same coin.

There is no mental focus without energy and no energy without cooperation of the brain. Nutrients that increase energy also affect concentration – they are brain fuel.


Vitamin B-complex Among vitamins, the Bs are the best for your brain! Researchers have concluded that it’s best to have all 8 vitamins together because they interact with each other. A deficiency in one vitamin B usually indicates a deficiency in another. But what makes the Bs so important? They are crucial for many brain functions, as well as:

  • energy production,

  • DNA synthesis and repair,

  • gene expression (determines what a cell can do),

  • numerous signal and neurochemical molecules synthesis.

L-theanine The effects of L-theanine, a well-known beneficial ingredient in green tea, are embodied by samurais: they combine care-free serenity with excellent focus. Clinical trials have shown that L-theanine calms you down and increases your focus without making you feel drowsy.

So if you feel anxious or restless after waking up, L-theanine is the right choice for you: it stimulates without causing restlessness.

Caffeine We all know the feeling a shot of coffee provides, shaking us awake and keeping us alert. Core one contains a premium caffeine extract that offers stronger and longer-lasting effects than regular caffeine. It has immediate effects that will keep you alert for a long time – which is something you cannot get from your usual cup of coffee.

Which vitamins do you need and why?

Vitamins are required for your body to function properly. All 13 of them. Here's why. Your body renews and regenerates its skin, muscles, bones and other tissues daily. In addition, it:

  • produces nutrient and oxygen rich blood that travels to every part of the body,

  • sends nerve impulses rushing along thousands of kilometres of nerve paths,

  • makes special chemical transmitters (hormones) that travel from one organ to another, carrying important instructions to keep the body alive and in balance,

  • produces immune cells that constantly guard you from invasions of harmful substances.

In order for your body to sustain all these functions, it has to be provided with BASIC MATERIALS it can’t produce by itself – not in sufficient quantities. Among those materials are all 13 vitamins Core one provides.

WATER-SOLUBLE VITAMINS When larger food particles are broken down (or dietary supplements are dissolved) during digestion, water-soluble vitamins (B-complex and C) pass directly into the bloodstream.

  • Kidneys constantly monitor levels of water-soluble vitamins and eliminate surplus.

  • During physical activity (or a good sauna session), water-soluble vitamins are eliminated through sweat.

What are their roles in supporting the immune system? Vitamin C: Vitamin C has a double immunity-boosting action:

  • It helps create a stronger antimicrobial response by strengthening the skin and mucous membranes (by increasing the production of collagen which is their building block). This way, it strengthens our first barrier against microbes, thus hindering their passage into our body where they can infect us and multiply.

  • It acts as an antioxidant: it protects immune cells against their own microbe-fighting weapons. Yes, you’ve got that right. The thing is, when immune cells mount an attack against microbes, they use specific microbe-killing substances that can be dangerous to the immune cells themselves and other body cells as well. Vitamin C shield the immune cells from harm.

Vitamin B6: By stimulating the production of new immune cells, vitamin B6 helps produce a stronger immune response. When we lack vitamin B6, our lymphocyte (subtype of white blood cells) production and antibody formation are reduced, which results in weakened immunity. Aside from that, vitamin B6 helps support the high energy demands of a growing army at war by helping to transform the food we eat into energy that every cell in the body can use. The same goes for folate and vitamin B12.

Folate (vitamin B9): Just like vitamin B6 and B12, folate is needed for the production of new immune cells and our body's ability to fight the microbial enemies at the gates.

Vitamin B12: Just like vitamin B6 and folate, vitamin B12 is needed for the production of new immune cells and our body's ability to fight the microbial enemies at the gates. By helping to transform food into energy, it fuels our cells so they can successfully fight hostile invaders.

What are their other roles? Priority: obtaining energy from food and maintaining tissue health. GIVING ENERGY Most vitamins in the B-complex are integral parts of coenzymes. They help turn food into energy. B1, B2, B3, B5 and B7 are all involved in energy production. BUILDING CELLS: Vitamins B6, B12 and B9 (folic acid) help our bodies utilise amino acids (building blocks of proteins) and take part in cell division. BUILDING COLLAGEN: Vitamin C is not only key to a good immune system but to collagen production as well. Collagen “stitches up” wounds, supports vascular walls, acts as basis for teeth, bones and skin, etc.

FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS Unlike water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) do not pass directly into the blood. They require bile to be absorbed.

  • Bile is produced in the liver and then travels to the small intestine where it breaks down fats. Since that’s where the fat-soluble vitamins are, bile sets them free. It’s only after this process that the vitamins can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • If our body doesn’t use them promptly, they are stored in the liver.

What are their roles in supporting the immune system? Vitamin A:
  • Helps reinforce our first line of defence against illness-causing microbes, the so-called BARRIERS. The first line of defence is the skin and mucous membranes which are present all over the body (including the eyes, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, etc.)

  • Helps generate antibodies, our special target-oriented forces against microbes.

Vitamin D: Our immune system gets activated when it’s attacked by microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi) or other harmful substances (toxins), and also when it suffers from injury, when tissue is being damaged.

Vitamin D helps balance the response of the immune system, making sure it’s strong enough to defeat the enemy forces that are microbes, and, at the same time, not too strong – otherwise, it could harm our own cells and tissues.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an important antioxidant nutrient in cell membranes, as its function is to protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. This is especially important when our immune system has to fight an invader (microbe), since our immune cells produce microbe-killing toxins that could be dangerous to other cells as well if we didn’t have enough antioxidants at our disposal.

What are their other roles? Priority: eye, skin, lung, gut and nervous system health. BUILDING BONES: Vitamins A, D and K are essential for bone formation. Vitamin D is necessary for absorption of calcium and phosphorus, both elements are crucial for bone strength. PROTECTING EYESIGHT: Vitamin A helps maintain cell health and protects our eyesight. WORKING TOGETHER: Without vitamin E our bodies would have great difficulties absorbing and storing vitamin A. PROTECTING THE BODY: Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, vitamin D has an important role in immune system function while vitamin K is crucial in blood clotting.

What’s the story behind Core one?

When we at Avenobo asked you, our customers, what your main issues with dietary supplements were, and what kind of improvements you would like to see from us, you mostly gave us simple answers:

  • fewer products to take daily for a wider array of goals, for staying healthy and feeling good,

  • a single product that would cover as many daily vitamin, antioxidant, probiotic and other nutritional requirements as possible.

We listened. And we understood.

It is true; if you strived to maintain your long-term health and well-being then you’d have to take a number of different pills every day. First, you would need to find the optimal combination of different products to meet your needs, then remember to take them at different times of the day, which we often forget to do.

We developed Core one after 1 year of studying and researching our options. We finally arrived at a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

Core one is a food supplement that combines the best nutrients that your body requires in a day in one single product. It works towards long-term health as well as improving day-to-day functioning that requires energy, stress control and brain power.

It is a tasty drink you’ll be happy to have every day – and only once a day.

It contains the optimal combination of nutrients and supplements. This way you don’t have to obsess over picking the right combination out of tons of possibilities.

Core one is just what you, our customers, have wanted from us. And, notably, it is a product that we’ve wanted for ourselves here at Avenobo as well.

The next-generation superfuel for your entire body

Are you tired of taking mounds of supplements and trying to figure out just the right combination for the perfect whole-body support? You’re not alone!

That’s why we’ve developed a product that covers your needs with one single power drink which helps your body function at the highest possible level. The result?

Your immune system in top shape. An instant energy boost. Your stress under control. Your brain sharper than ever. Your digestion working smoothly. No more fatigue. Support for your muscles, bones and teeth. Slowed-down ageing. Your long-term well-being taken care of.

All this and more – with just one drink a day!

Just one drink. A myriad of benefits

With just one sachet of Core one a day, you get:

  • 13 mission-critical vitamins: for maximum performance

  • 3 essential minerals: for an efficient and strong immune response

  • 9 strains of probiotic cultures: for good digestion and balanced gut microbiota

  • powerful antioxidants: for prolonged youth and vitality

  • Siberian ginseng: for better protection against stress and mental sharpness even when you feel like you can’t think anymore

  • grape seed extract: for better protection of body cells against the harmful effects of free radicals

  • choline: for liver protection and optimal fat metabolism

  • caffeine and L-theanine: for a long-lasting energy boost, optimum brain function and top focus without the jitters

But how exactly does it work?

Your bodily processes, though often observed in isolation, are inextricably linked to one another. So when you boost one of them, you usually boost a couple more with it. And when you fuel your body with just the nutrients it needs, all these processes can be carried out much more efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to your body's natural defence system.

Boosted body, boosted immunity

Supplying the body with a potent blend of essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and an adaptogen, Core one provides your immune system with the very ammo it needs to fight viruses and bacteria as effectively as possible.

It contains as much as 9 active ingredients that have been proven to strengthen your immune system. That includes vitamins C, D, B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, A and E, and essential minerals like zinc and selenium.

Vitamin D, in particular, proves to be especially effective in shielding you from microbes, as it can reduce the risk of catching colds and respiratory tract infections by up to 10%b]1! How's that for an immunity booster?

Aside from the nutrients that boost your immunity directly, it also contains a lot more that do so by supporting your overall body function. It doesn't get better than this.

Except it does. Read on to learn how.

    1This was shown in a meta-analysis published by British Medical Journal: BMJ 2017;356:i6583

    Stop taking mounds of pills every day and paying exorbitant prices for them!

    You’d have to take handfuls of capsules to achieve the same effect Core one packs in a single punch, for only £0.99 for over 2,000 mg of active ingredients.

    Top quality straight from Europe. Made in Europe in accordance with the highest pharmaceutical standards (GMP and HACCP) and only from the finest European ingredients.

    For optimal well-being, no guesswork needed. Optimal combination of micronutrients, put together by top experts in the field.

    Stay safe in this toxic world. Numerous toxins. Poor nutritional value of food. Hectic and stressful lifestyles. Unbalanced diets. Core one is the answer to all the challenges of modern life. By treating yourself to one perfect mix of nutrients a day, you can rest assured you’re giving your body exactly what it needs so you can always be on top of your game.

    You have ONE body. Make sure you treat it right

    Take care of it with one comprehensive solution that combines long-term health benefits with immediate everyday effects. All to improve your quality of life and lend you a helping hand towards success.

    Core one: your daily whole-body boost

    With just 1 drink a day, Core one brings the combined benefits of:

    • FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: strong immunity and great vitality

    • COFFEE or GREEN TEA: prolonged stimulation, energy and focus without the jitters

    • MEDITATION: relaxation, serenity

    • YOGHURT: improved digestion and, thus, a well-functioning body

    All in a single drink with natural lemon flavour.

    Core one benefits your entire body

    Stay healthy with an e-book and online gym - free with your purchase!

    Get a free health e-book with delicious recipes and tips for forming healthy new habits. We’ve also developed a free 4 -week video exercise programme to tone your whole body.

    Combine these with our premium Sensilab products to get in shape faster!