Imuno Boost

5 undisputable reasons why you need
Imuno Boost – today

Round the clock immune system support with triple power!

Now is not the time to ignore your immune system health. You might be surprised to learn this, but that apple you have every once in a while just won't cut it anymore. What your body needs right now is full support of all 3 levels of your immune system.

Luckily, we have just the thing: an all-around supplement that contains a superior form of vitamin C, selenium and zinc – here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss out!

1. It supports all 3 levels of your immune system defence

Vitamin C supports the first barriers: skin and mucous membranes. Your first line of defence depends on collagen production that's stimulated by vitamin C.

Selenium enhances your fast-acting innate response (wide range of immune cells), which is your second line of defence. It protects our cells from free radicals that are generated during a viral attack.

Zinc is the mineral needed for development and production of antibodies that destroy the pathogens.

2. It contains an exceptional form of vitamin C

Usually, vitamin C in supplements comes in the form of ascorbic acid. But it tends to pass through our bodies quickly and doesn't linger around for long. Meanwhile, Ester-C® was found to stay in the body for up to 24 hours following a single dose!

After administering Ester-C®, concentrations of vitamin C in leucocytes – white blood cells involved in counteracting microbes – go up as well! No such increase was seen with regular vitamin C. This is why we chose Ester-C® for our Imuno Boost.

3. It contains zinc – a mineral your body cannot store

Did you know your body has no zinc storage system? It has to get a steady daily supply from food to cover all its needs. Since it's crucial for proper immune system function (among many other things), it's not too wise to play guessing games with it. Imuno Boost contains enough zinc to cover your daily needs.

4. It contains selenium – an incredibly powerful antioxidant

How much selenium is in your food depends largely on the soil that grows your food. Selenium intake in the EU has dropped considerably over the past few decades – in places it’s down to only half the recommended intake! It's also a "sensitive" mineral that often gets destroyed during processing. But it's a very important one.

Selenium helps lower oxidative stress in your body – this reduces inflammation and boosts immunity. It works by protecting your cells from free radicals that are produced in abundance during an immune response.

5. It’s delivered right to your door!

Get all the benefits of Imuno Boost without getting into a car and standing in line! It’s delivered to your house in [X] days. All you have to do is order online and wait until your boost in immunity reaches your door!

Now that your knowledge has been upgraded – you’ve made it all the way to #5! – you are ready to reap all the benefits of our powerful Imuno Boost formula! There’s a very special offer waiting behind the START NOW button – so go ahead! Start getting all the benefits!