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Vitamaze stands for best quality in Dietary Supplements & Co – VISPURA and XTRAZE sports nutrition included. Here you can find out more about our high-quality products and their raw materials.

Pure dietary supplements made in Germany

The dietary supplements of VitamazeVISPURA and XTRAZE Sports nutrition are made for the highest demands. We manufacture them in Germany under pharmaceutical conditions, strictly controlled following the preventive HACCP concept. The abbreviation HACCP stands for "hazard analysis and critical control points" and is a quality tool designed for food production.

Each product is produced and filled in a clean room. In this clean room the temperature, humidity and pressure remain constant. Bacteria and particles cannot penetrate – exactly the same as in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Each container is weighed by machine, filled and then securely sealed.

Filled, sealed and delivered

To ensure that our valuable active ingredients remain undamaged and have a long shelf life, we fill them in white or black pharmaceutical-quality containers. Each container is individually sealed. The containers made of harmless food-grade plastic safely enclose the dietary supplements so that they arrive at your home with the best quality.

Only sealed – for the best quality

Our containers are extra protected on the outside – shrink-wrapped in a thin foil.The inside of the container is sealed with a screw cap with an inlay. This seal additionally secures the product and shows you that nobody before you has opened the product. When you open the container for the first time, you must remove the seal. Only then will you have access to the contents of the container. However, this is also a question of temperament: If you open the screw cap with a little more energy, the seal often dissolves at the same time. It then lies in the lid. The product is then undamaged and of the best Vitamaze quality.

The seals we use are ideal for delicate foodstuff. We deliberately avoid heat-welded aluminium seals. We want to avoid any – even the smallest – change in our valuable products due to the effects of heat.

No carton – reduced to the essentials

Our dietary supplements are securely packaged and sealed in containers. We do not repackage our products. No cardboard packaging, no package inserts – instead, the entire information is written directly on the container. This protects the environment. And the resources. This enables us to offer you a fair price-performance ratio for our products.

Free of allergens, additives and genetic engineering

We only use carefully selected and high-quality ingredients in our containers. We forego everything you don't need. Almost all our dietary supplements are free of gluten, lactose and other allergens. The products also do not contain harmful substances, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers, colorants and preservatives or other harmful substances. Almost all products are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. We use beef gelatine but no pig gelatine for the few products where we cannot do without gelatine as a capsule shell.

Best bioavailability is important to us. We therefore do not use the release agent magnesium stearate. The vegetable filler microcrystalline cellulose used by us in a few products is free of nanoparticles. You can read more about it in the article "What is microcrystalline cellulose and why do we use it?". In short: there are no unnecessary or harmful additives in our products – everything is as pure as possible: the strength and compatibility of the active ingredients are the most important factors.

Vitamaze acts responsibly

Our customers believe that our dietary supplements are safe, pure and highly effective. We take this great responsibility very seriously. We only manufacture or select products that we can offer with a clear conscience. High-quality raw materials and safe processing at a good price – this is important to us. Every product is hand-picked: We really test all food supplements ourselves before we offer them to our customers. We only include what convinces us within our first-class product range.

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