Beyonce lost weight in 22 days? Find out how!

Significantly fit body, thinsilhouette: all thanks to the Vegan diet and exercise. Find out Beyonce’s secret!

Only a year after the birth of her first daughter, Blue Ivy, Beyoncealready has an enviable figure all thanks to a specific diet combined with exercise.Beyoncé’s day starts with a rich and balanced breakfast, continues with a lunch full of raw and cooked vegetables, and ends with a light dinner every evening at the same time. 

Together with her personal trainer Marco Borges, Beyoncé has recently started the 22 days Nutrition program: a new home delivery service providingvegan meals without meat and animal derivatives.The psychology behind 22 days Nutrition is that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so by the 22nd dayyour body will adapt to the vegan lifestyle. In Beyonce’sown words: "All you have to do is try – if I can do it, anyone can."Following suit, the day before his 44th birthday, Jay Z posted on his blog Life and Times: ‘I want to take on a new challenge: go vegan or as I say ‘herbivore’ for 22 consecutive days!’ 

The meals offered by this new diet are made up of completely GMO-free, vegetable-based ingredients, soy, gluten and dairy, only fresh fruit and vegetables and no frozen product. In addition to the diet, the program recommends to exercise for 30 minutes a day and drink plenty of water. 

Why vegan?

It is difficult to ignore the compelling evidence supporting plant-based diets, advocated by everyday people and celebrities alike. Regardless of your motives: whether to lose weight, improve athletic stamina, or just lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to take an informed approach to plant based eating in order to maximize your chances of success and acquire the motivation needed to stick with it long term.


It takes a lot of willto commit to a drastic dietary change like the vegan diet. If you're not ready for this step, but you still want to cleanse your body and lose a few pounds, Sensilab recommend the 30 Days Green Cleanse. The program allows you to eat meat, eggs and milk, but while ensuring you keep a very balanced diet. The program includes: a handbook, personal and practical support for dietary supplements. 

The program has an incredible power of body and liver purification in only 30 days, including: 

  • promotes weight loss 
  • enhances your mood 
  • regulates your body’s acid-base balance 
  • helps eliminate constipation, overweight and chronic fatigue


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