Effective weight loss - calories are what runs the show!

You've probably heard of the 80:20 rule. It applies to effective weight loss, and it means that success is made of 80% food and 20% exercise.

Does this surprise you? Keep reading to learn more.


Nutrition is key

When starting your weight-loss journey, keep in mind that the result is a combination of both nutrition and exercise, but food intake is the most important in this equation.

Regardless of your diet preference, make sure it is balanced, and you stick to whole, unprocessed foods, including lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to include fats in your diet – not only are some vitamins fat-soluble, but the unsaturated fats will also keep you full longer.

Also, try to include as many healthy swaps as possible in your diet plan. Starting small is okay (and it does not need to be kale chips!).

How about starting your morning with a bowl of yummy porridge instead of granola? Or choosing whole grains over refined grains. Perhaps swapping your pasta for fresh courgette noodles or topping your salad with roasted chickpeas instead of bread croutons? If you're not doing this yet, make sure you say 'no, thanks' to soda and other sugary beverages in favour of water.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Tricks to beat cravings

  • It is super essential that you plan your meals. This way you make sure that your diet is nutritious and balanced, but you can also prevent food binges and avoid unhealthy options.

  • You might keep a healthy snack handy if the hunger kicks in any way.

  • Review your diet plan and opt for whole foods and fibre-rich (beans, fruits and veggies), protein-packed foods (meat, fish, tofu, nuts…) that your body will digest slowly and will keep you feeling fuller longer – again, fewer cravings.

  • Drink some water. We often think we are hungry when we are really just thirsty.

  • You should also consider including products with the superstar ingredient Garcinia Cambogia, as its main active ingredient (hydroxy citric acid - HCA), has a triple effect: it reduces appetite, it prevents the storing of new fat in the body, and it induces weight loss.

Keep moving

Burning as many calories as possible is the ultimate goal when we are trying to lose weight. Keep moving – any activity is important! Walking might be one of the easiest ways to be active. Add a brisk pace, and you're on the go.

More good news: you can even burn calories at home or running errands – doing different chores around the house, mowing the lawn, climbing the stairs and even grocery shopping. Apparently, it's possible to burn anywhere from 100-300 calories an hour doing housework, but of course, it all depends on the type of activity and vigour with which you do it.

Meet KiloShred

To help you reach your results faster, we've created KiloShred. It addresses all the important issues:

  • boosts metabolism
  • helps with fat burning and
  • controls calorie intake by curbing cravings & blocking calorie absorption and
  • fights water retention (goodbye puffiness and swelling).

If it sounds convincing, wait and see the amazing results - we can't wait to hear your success story!

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