I cannot lose weight ... can it be the thyroid?

6 Nov 2016

You know something's wrong with your body, but you can't figure out what. Pounds keep piling up, but you still can't figure out why. Did you know that in Italy about 6 million people suffer from problems related to this important gland? And the number is constantly growing.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland, located at the center of your neck. It is the most important gland for metabolising carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If your thyroid isn't working properly, the consequences can soon be noticed in all organs of the body. 

In fact, the thyroid controls the heartbeat, the central nervous system, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body weight, muscle strength etc. 

Symptoms to watch out for: 

  • Tiredness even after 8-10 hours of sleep or feeling the continuous need to rest
  • Accumulation of body weight and difficulty in losing weight
  • Mood swings, anxiety and depression
  • Hormonal fluctuations (premenstrual syndrome, irregular cycle, infertility)
  • Muscle aches and joints pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Dry skin, brittle nails and excessive hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Blurred mind and memory loss 

Why can't I lose weight? 

The thyroid is a gland that produces thyroid hormones: T3 and T4. These hormones act on cell metabolism and its generalized action processes. 

Thyroid hormones also regulate metabolism’s carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough T3 and T4, this produces an imbalance in the body, particularly in the basic functioning of our metabolism: 

  • Pounds begin to accumulate
  • We begin to perceive chronic fatigue,
  • There are symptoms of anxiety and depression, which sometimes leads to emotional hunger 

Some studies have shown that even minimal changes in the functioning of our thyroid gland can affect our body weight. If the thyroid is not active enough, this prevents the body from getting rid of extra pounds. This is known as hypothyroidism. 

How to deal with the problem in an effective and healthy way? 

Adding more power to our diet should have positive effects on the functioning of the thyroid. 

An increase in: 

  • fish (Omega-3 fatty acids),
  • various nuts (especially the ones that contain selenium),
  • fresh fruit and vegetables (rich in antioxidants and other nutrients),
  • foods high in calcium, iodine and vitamin d. 

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