Where fat accumulates? We tell you how to remove it

You're on a diet, do physical activity but the fat accumulation is same? Maybe because you're not doing it right! The answer lies in the type of obesity. Here are 6 types of obesity and tricks to get rid of unwanted fat.


# 1 Obesity from food

The most common type of obesity in the world, caused by excessive intake of sugar and food in general. Reducing the consumption of food and doing aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes a day can combat this type of obesity.

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# 2 Obesity emotional hunger

This type of obesity is caused by depression, stress and anxiety. People who suffer from this type of obesity can suffer from emotional hunger, often consume sweet foods, simple carbohydrates. It is important to relieve stress and avoid sugar, in order to get rid of excess fats.

# 3 Obesity gluten

It is a present type of obesity mostly in adolescents with hormonal changes or menopausal. To combat this type of obesity, you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle. Also recommended exercises with weights.

# 4 Metabolic Obesity

People with this type of obesity accumulate fat especially on the abdomen and may have trouble breathing. You need to reduce the consumption of alcohol and choose a healthy and varied diet rich in fiber and vegetables.

# 5 Chronic venous insufficiency

Considered genetically inherited obesity, this type of obesity occurs in people with swollen legs and problems in pregnant women. It is recommended to do the exercises with your legs and always use the stairs instead of the elevator.

# 6 Obesity by inactivity

It mainly affects the body parts that were previously active and exposed to some training, and are currently inactive. In order to eliminate this type of fat, you have to have a regular exercise and diet is very important not to skip meals.

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