Collagen Gold

Dietary supplement. Supports strong hair & prevents hair loss

Collagen Gold

Advantages of Collagen Gold: 

  • delicious orange flavor,

  • excellent solubility - also in cold water,

  • supports strong and shiny hair and prevents hair loss,

  • assures shiny and fuller hair in only 4 weeks,

  • a perfect balanced hair supplements for everyone who wants to have gorgeous, shiny hair.

15 sachets

Collagen Gold combines high levels of collagen type I and soluble keratine to reduce hair loss and support fuller, shinier hair. Naticol® is pure marine hydrolyzed collagen with high levels of oligopeptides and all eight essential amino acids. It has an extraordinarily low molecular weight, which is a part of what makes it unique compared to conventional collagen. It supports strong and shiny hair and prevents hair loss. Cynatine® HNS is a soluble keratin powder with an excellently preserved amino acid profile that significantly contributes to the improved health and vitality of hair, skin, and nails.


Use: Recommended daily intake: 1 sachet, dissolved in a glass of water after a meal.

Active ingredients in 1 sachet:  Naticol® (type I fish collagen peptides) 5000 mg, Cynatine® HNS (soluble keratin powder) 500 mg.

Net weight: 105 g