UNDO anti-age

Dietary supplement Reduces wrinkles & improves skin elasticity


UNDO anti-age

Advantages of UNDO anti-age

  • promotes a healthy skin tone and a fresh and youthful look,

  • inhibits excess melanin production, preventing unevenly pigmented skin,

  • inhibits collagen and elastin breakdown, preventing wrinkling,

  • keeps the skin healthy with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

PACKAGING: 30 capsules

UNDO anti-age is an innovative formula featuring the special anti-age solution with black elderberry fruit extract, coenzyme Q10 plus vitamins E and B2. It has been clinically tested on women dissatisfied with their skin complexion and shown to slow collagen and elastin degradation (preserving elasticity), as well as improve skin microcirculation (boosting delivery of nutrients and waste removal). UNDO anti-age promotes a youthful skin glow and reduces irregularities like redness, pigment marks and circles around the eyes that make the skin look tired and dull.

Use: Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule, taken with a glass of water after a meal.

Active ingredients in 1 capsule: black elderberry fruit extract 300 mg, blend of grape seeds extract, melon concentrate, zinc (12 mg - 40% NRV), and coated vitamin C (4 mg - 15 NRV) 150 mg, coenzyme Q10 30 mg, vitamin E 12 mg - 100% NRV, vitamin B2 6 mg - 428.6% NRV.

Net weight: 19.1 g

UNDO anti-age