Hepafar fibers

Dietary supplement. Eliminate toxins, once and for all

Hepafar fibers

Advantages of Hepafar fibers:

  • only one drink daily,

  • high fiber content,

  • does not cause bloating and flatulence,

  • 100% natural ingredients,

  • with a refreshing natural lemon flavour.

PACKAGING: 15 sachets

Contains HEPAfiber complex™ with a unique synergistic formula of natural ingredients: acacia gum is a natural source of soluble fiber, contains minimum 90% fiber, chicory stimulates the secretion of bile and contains inulin, which promotes healthy digestion and ultimately flushes toxins from the body, rosemary increases blood circulation, further helping out the liver and lemon juice that is naturally high in citric acid that stimulates digestive juices. Water-soluble fibers in Hepafar Fibers play a key role in the detox process by: binding toxins, supporting overall digestion, acting as a prebiotic and preventing the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.


Use: Recommended daily intake: 1 sachet, dissolved in a glass of water, preferably in the morning.

Active ingredients in 1 sachet: HEPAfiber complex™ (acacia gum, lemon concentrate, chicory inulin and rosemary extract) 9600 mg (soluble dietary fibers 7270 mg).

Net weight: 150 g