Dietary supplement Eliminates excess estrogen from the body


Advantages of EstroLux: 

  • a necessary supplement for balancing the excess estrogen,

  • supports normal hormone activity,

  • reduces liver toxicity,

  • recommended for both men and women. 

PACKAGING: 60 capsules

Aging and high levels of physical, chemical and emotional stress are associated with the loss of progesterone in women and testosterone in men. When these key hormones are depleted, this causes a state of estrogen dominance. EstroLux provides synergistic support for estrogen dominance in men and women, and helps balance the excess estrogen in the body. Lemon balm (Melissa) maintains the natural hormonal balance of the human body. Bladderwrack helps decrease estrogen. Rosemary promotes liver detoxification and reduces the production of estrogen. Soy seeds and flaxseed lignans regulate hormone activity.

Use: Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule 2 times a day, taken with a glass of water after a meal.

Active ingredients in 2 capsules: lemon balm leaf ex- tract with 2,5% rosmarinic acid 350 mg, rosemary leaf extract with 7% rosmarinic acid 200 mg, soy seed ex- tract with 40% total iso avones 125 mg, axseed extract with 20% lignans 100 mg, broccoli oral bud extract with 4% sulforaphane 100 mg, bladderwrack thallus extract 70 mg with iodine 70 μg – 46.7% NRV, vitamin B6 8 mg – 571.4% NRV.

Net weight: 34.7 g