Garcinia Fat Burner drink

Dietary supplement. Burns fat & boosts energy

Garcinia Fat Burner drink

Advantages of Garcinia Fat burner drink: 

  • helps regulate body weight,

  • breaks down fat deposits with its thermogenic action and lipogenesis inhibition,

  • blocks excessive absorption of fats in the digestive system,

  • accelerates metabolism and promotes vitality.

PACKAGING: 15 sachets

This lemon flavored drink is enriched with Garcinia cambogia extract and guarana, which help dissolve fat tissue and boost weight loss with their thermogenic properties. The natural extract of Garcinia cambogia, called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), helps you shed weight in several ways: it reduces appetite, blocks the formation of new fat cells, breaks down belly fat and offers mood support that helps you resist emotional eating. The major active ingredient in guarana is the xanthine caffeine. Guarana is considered to have thermogenic properties (increasing temperature and calorie-burning output) due to its caffeine content, in addition to providing major mood-boosting effects.


Use: Recommended daily intake: 1-2 sachets, dissolved in a glass of water after a meal.

Active ingredients in 1 sachet: garcinia extract 500 mg (hydroxycitric acid 300 mg), guarana extract 300 mg (caffeine 30 mg).

Net weight: 45 g