Dietary supplement. Promotes weight loss and lowers absorption of fats and carbs.


Advantages of SlimJOY:

  • improves mood and delivers a kick of energy,

  • reduces sugar cravings (insulin spikes),

  • weight loss benefits with a clinically confirmed mechanism of action,

  • when tested, ID-aLGTM showed at least a 50% reduction in lipase and amylase activity,

  • participants in clinical studies lost up to 3.3 kg in 16 weeks.

PACKAGING: 60 capsules

SlimJOY is a branded natural ingredient mixture of ID-aLGTM, cinnamon bark, red vine, vitamin B3 (niacin), chromium and zinc. It stimulates the body so that it absorbs lower quantities of digested sugar (carbs) and fat. SlimJOY blocks the activity of 2 main digestive enzymes crucial for breaking down fats and carbs (lipase and amylase). This means the body cannot use all the calories from consumed food, storing less body fat as a result.

Use: Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule 2 times a day, taken with a glass of water before main meals.

Active ingredients in 2 capsules: cinnamon bark extract 400 mg, ID-alGTM [brown seaweed and grape seeds extracts with iodine 132 μg – 88% NRV] 400 mg, red vine leaf extract with 30% total polyphenols 300 mg, zinc 10 mg – 100% NRV, niacin 32 mg – 200% NRV, chromium 96 μg – 240% NRV.

Net weight: 43.6 g