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Relax & Slim Bundle

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Powerful hormone-free adrenal support that helps balance cortisol levels, reduce burnout symptoms, and relieve physical & psychological stress. With 2 of the strongest plant-based adaptogens: the most potent ashwagandha on the market (Sensoril®) and ginseng.

  • 4x stronger ashwagandha extract compared to regular products

  • Reduces overall stress by up to 62.2%*

  • Reduces sleeplessness by up to 67%*

  • Helps achieve up to 2x* better concentration and facilitates weight loss

  • Glandline products have over 60,000 satisfied customers from all over EU

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Up to 22% of adults in the EU are constantly under stress

While short-term stress makes you more effective and better equipped to overcome challenges, long-term flight-or-fight response is highly detrimental to your health. As it constantly keeps you in a state of high alert, it can overwhelm the body and eventually lead to exhaustion or burnout.

People with chronically increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol often exhibit the following symptoms:

  • weight gain, especially in the stomach area

  • tiredness or fatigue, usually in combination with poor sleep (“being tired but wired”)

  • increased tension and mood swings

  • muscle aches or pains

  • higher susceptibility to infections

  • sudden food cravings and excessive thirst

  • irregular periods & fertility problems

AdrenaLux brings a super strong anti-stress action

Studies confirm that the main active ingredient in AdrenaLux, the most potent ashwagandha extract on the market (Sensoril®), helps get your cortisol levels under control and reduce up to 62.2%* of overall stress! By doing so, it helps reset your internal biological clock, which reduces sleeplessness by up to 67%* and promotes restful, regenerative sleep. But there’s more.

It also brings a 2x better focus and a significantly faster reaction time. To top it all off, AdrenaLux relieves other main symptoms of stress, including forgetfulness, irritability, fatigue and perspiration.

Thanks to AdrenaLux, Anja's life has changed for the better

AdrenaLux has helped calm my mind and has given me the energy to go outside, enjoy some fresh air and other people's company. Since taking it, I've been more focused and less nervous about the things I can't control. On the physical level, I've noticed that my hair had stopped falling out. All in all, it feels as if something was literally giving my body the strength to face everyday challenges.

2 plant-based adaptogen superstars for a hormone-free stress relief

The secret behind AdrenaLux’s efficiency action lies in 2 of the strongest plant-based adaptogens: the strongest ashwagandha extract on the market (Sensoril®) & ginseng.

Sensoril® ashwagandha extract is derived from a unique blend of both the root and leaves of the plant. That way, it provide optimal adaptogenic efficacy and thus the greatest mental & physical stress reduction. While most are standardised to 2.5% withanolides (compounds that offer actual benefits), ours is as much as 4x* stronger, as it boasts a 10% withanolide content.

Combined with Siberian ginseng, another potent adaptogen, it helps your body handle and adapt to stress better. Aside from being stress-relievers, ashwagandha and ginseng also act as stimulants. They boost energy levels, help overcome exhaustion and even improve mental functions, including memory and concentration.

Studies confirm: 62.2%* stress reduction, 67%* sleep improvement, 2x* better focus

A double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled study1 shows that the main active ingredient in AdrenaLux, the most potent ashwagandha extract on the market (Sensoril®), can:

  • reduce your perceived overall stress by up to 62.2%* in 60 days (and by up to 39.5%* in 30 days already!)

  • improve your ability to sleep by up to 67%*

  • ease your mental burden & help achieve 2x* better focus

A separate study reveals that Sensoril® can enhance focus and even significantly improve reaction time in only 2 weeks*.

1 Adapted from: Auddy, Biswajit & Hazra, Jayram & Mitra, Achintya & Abedon, Bruce & Ghosal, Shibnath. (2008). A Standardized Withania Somnifera Extract Significantly Reduces Stress-Related Parameters in Chronically Stressed Humans: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study. Journal of American Nutraceutical Association. 11. 50-56.

With Relax tea - our herbal anti-stress support

Our calming Relax Tea with 4-in-1 action will work synergistically with AdrenaLux and will brighten your mood, calm a nervous heart, soothe your digestion and help you get a good night sleep.

Chamomile, lemon balm, motherwort, peppermint and caraway are all mixed into one delicious and fragrant cup of tea so you can finally have the everyday calming ritual that you need during these stressful times!

Incredible benefits for physical and mental health

Reduced stress

Better sleep

Boosted focus and mood

Easier weight loss

Who it benefits most ?

The AdrenaLux and Relax Tea combo proves to be especially beneficial to people who: 

  • experience stress on a daily basis

  • constantly feel tired

  • feel exhausted but have problems falling asleep (“tired but wired”)

  • have trouble concentrating and experience mental fog

  • have difficulty remembering things

  • gain weight easily, mostly in the stomach area

  • are irritable and experience mood swings

  • need an immune system boost

  • wake up tired and can’t imagine a day without coffee

  • experience sudden food cravings


Powerful hormone-free adrenal support that helps balance cortisol levels, reduce burnout symptoms, and relieve physical & psychological stress. With 2 of the strongest plant-based adaptogens: the most potent ashwagandha on the market (Sensoril®) and ginseng.

  • 4x stronger ashwagandha extract compared to regular products

  • Reduces overall stress by up to 62.2%*

  • Reduces sleeplessness by up to 67%*

  • Helps achieve up to 2x* better concentration and facilitates weight loss

AdrenaLux ingredients:

Relax Tea

A holistic approach to reducing stress - one tea cup at a time! Our calming tea is the result of merging nature and science and works on all bodily systems most affected by stress. With its 4-in-1 action it:

  • Brightens mood

  • Calms a nervous heart

  • Soothes digestion

  • Helps get a good night's sleep

  • Naturally caffeine-free!

Relax Tea ingredients:

How to use:

Relax Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 teabag

During the day

Adrenalux - Cortisol Balance

60 capsules | Receive a 30-day supply

1 capsule

2 times daily, after a meal