Food supplement

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Food supplement

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

Supplement for prostate problems 

Prostate Support 2x

Receive a 60-day supply

Contents: 1x Prostate Support 2x 120 capsules/60 days

Supplement for prostate problems 

Prostate Support 2x

Receive a 60-day supply

Developed for men in their prime – Prostate Support helps fortify healthy prostate function, bladder function, and urinary flow! 9 premium-quality natural-based ingredients, expertly combined to offer relief from prostate problems and improve your wellbeing. 

  • Supports healthy prostate function 
  • Decreases urinary frequency by 23.9*% during the day and 56.5*% during the night 
  • Improves urinary flow by more than 31*% on average 
  • Helps maintain healthy testosterone levels 
  • Improves quality of life by more than 46*% 
  • Plant-based formula with no reported side effects 
  • We guarantee you’ll love it, or it’s yours for FREE 
  • Over 15 years of expertise in food supplements development and production 

Sensilab has more than 3,000,000 happy customers all over Europe. 

Contents: 1x Prostate Support 2x 120 capsules/60 days

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A healthy prostate, optimal bladder function and normal urinary flow with Prostate Support! 

Improve your quality of life and get relief from prostate problems with the power of natural ingredients.

The prostate, a crucial part of male anatomy 

The prostate is a small sex gland and an important part of the male reproductive system. As men age, the prostate enlarges naturally. Due to its proximity to the bladder, this can lead to bladder and urinary flow issues.  

Problems related to an enlarged prostate: 

  • Urinary urgency (the inability to delay urination) 

  • Urinary frequency (feeling the need to urinate 8 or more times a day) 

  • Persistent night-time urinary urgency which negatively impacts sleep

  • Trouble starting a urine stream

  • Weak or interrupted urine stream

  • The inability to fully empty the bladder

Prostate Support aids healthy prostate function, balances testosterone levels, and offers relief from prostate problems! 

With 9 incredible natural ingredients, including pumpkin seed, saw palmetto and nettle extract! 

The prostate enlarges naturally as men age 

Prostate enlargement usually occurs in adulthood, after the age of 50. 50% of men between ages 51 and 60 and up to 90% of men over 80 have an enlarged prostate.** 

The causes of an enlarged prostate are not well-understood, but it might be linked to testosterone production. Other contributing factors might include genetics, an unhealthy diet, and obesity.

Improve your quality of life and fight back against prostate problems! 

No, prostate problems aren’t just a concert for older men. We recommend Prostate Support to all men after the age of 40. The occurrence and symptoms of prostate problems increase with age, and it is always better to take preventative measures to ensure greater quality of life in the long run. 

Naturally, Prostate Support is especially recommended to men who are already experiencing a frequent need to urinate, inability to delay urination or men with sleep difficulties due to urinary urgency. 

Say goodbye to prostate problems with Prostate Support! 

Supports healthy prostate function 

Promotes healthy bladder function 

Improves urinary flow 

Decreases urinary urgency 

Maintains healthy testosterone levels 

 Top quality ingredients for supporting prostate health and urinary flow

Active ingredients

Prostate Support

Packaging (1 unit)60 capsules
Daily dose2 capsules
Net weight (1 unit)43.1 g 

Ingredientsin 2 capsules

Pumpkin extract 

600 mg 

Saw palmetto 

160 mg 

Nettle extract 

100 mg 

Flax extract 

100 mg 

- Lignans 

20 mg 

Tomato extract 

50 mg 

- Lycopene 

5 mg 


5 mg (50% NRV) 

Japanese pagoda tree extract 

13 mg 

- Quercetin 

12.5 mg 


27.5 μg (100% NRV) 

Vitamin B6 

1.4 mg 

*NRV = nutrient reference value 

How to use

The recommended daily intake is 2 capsules. 

1 capsule

2 times per day 


(in 2 capsules): pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.) seed extract 600 mg, bulking agent: acacia gum, capsule shell (structure): hypromellose, saw palmetto (Serenoa repens (W.Bartram) Small.) fruit extract 160 mg, nettle (Urtica dioica L.) leaf extract with 4% total polyphenols 100 mg, flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) seed extract with 20% lignans 100 mg (lignans 20 mg), tomato (Solanum lycopersicum Lam.) fruit extract with 10% lycopene (lycopene 5 mg), zinc bisglycinate (zinc 5 mg – 50% NRV*), japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica L.) flower extract with 95% quercetin (quercetin 12,5 mg), anti-caking agent: cellulose, L-selenomethionine (selenium 27.5 μg – 50% NRV*), pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (vitamin B6 1.4 mg – 100% NRV*). 

*NRV = nutrient reference values 


1 capsule 2x daily with a glass of water after a meal. 


If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of this product or use medication consult your doctor before use. This product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of reach of children! 


Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 25 °C.