Garcinia cambogia high strength + choline, 240 capsules

240 capsules | Receive a 120-day supply

Garcinia Cambogia + Cholin

Contents: 1x Garcinia cambogia high strength + choline, 240 capsules 240 capsules/120 days

Garcinia cambogia high strength + choline, 240 capsules

240 capsules | Receive a 120-day supply

Garcinia Cambogia + Cholin

Contents: 1x Garcinia cambogia high strength + choline, 240 capsules 240 capsules/120 days

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Garcinia Cambogia high dose + Choline | 240 capsules for 2 months.

The fruit of the Garcinia Cambogia tree, which originates from South Asia, is also known as Malabar Tamarind, Brindleberry or Kudam Puli. The Garcinia Cambogia extract obtained from it with 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has been ideally combined with choline. You too can benefit from the combination of Garcinia Cambogia extract and choline - in the usual Vitamaze quality.

Garcinia Cambogia capsules at a glance

  • Natural: Garcinia Cambogia extract is obtained from the rind of the fruit of the Malabar tamarind.
  • Ideal combination: Garcinia Cambogia and choline
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: Free from gluten, lactose and other allergens
  • Best bioavailability: No unnecessary separating agents or additives are used
  • Made in Germany: The supplements are produced according to German standards and the HACCP concept.

Effect & application of Garcinia Cambogia and Choline

Native to South Asia, Garcinia Cambogia is an evergreen tree that can grow 5 to 20 metres high. The tree bears yellow to organ-gene coloured, pumpkin-like fruits the size of an orange. The fruit, or more precisely the fruit rind, is used in Asian cuisine primarily as a spice. In addition, it is also used there in traditional medicine. The superfood is known to us as Malabar tamarind.

The Garcinia Cambogia extract is contained in the capsules in a high dose of 2,528 mg (daily dose). Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is probably the most important component of Garcinia Cambogia extract. It is found in particularly high concentration in the rind of the sour-tasting fruit. The HCA content is 60%.

The superfood is accompanied by another vital substance: Choline. Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism, normal homocysteine metabolism and the maintenance of normal liver function. The daily dose corresponds to 116 mg of pure choline.

The cure lasts for 2 months with the recommended use of 2 x 2 capsules per day.

Production of Garcinia Cambogia + Choline Capsules

Vitamaze relies on the highest quality in production. 100% made in Germany according to local standards. These are controlled by the HACCP concept.

The quality promise also includes avoiding unnecessary additives, such as the separating agent magnesium stearate. The capsules are free of allergens, nanoparticles, colourings and preservatives, genetic engineering, fungicides, pesticides, artificial fertilisers and so on.

Only beef gelatine is used.

Buy the 2-month Garcinia Cambogia + Choline cure now.

Dosage form:Capsules
Size:2,3 cm
Packaging dimensions:7,5 cm x 7,5 cm x 14 cm


Garcinia Cambogia extract 10:1 (60% Hydroxycitric acid, HCA), Capsule shell (Beef gelatine), DL-Choline bitartrate (41% Choline), Bulking agent (Microcrystalline cellulose), Anti-caking agent (Rice bran extract).

Nutritional details

Per1 Capsule4 Capsules*NRV**
Garcinia cambogia extract of 10:1632 mg2528 mg/
  thereof: HCA379.20 mg1516.80 mg/
DL-choline bitartrate68.29 mg273.16 mg/
  thereof: Choline29 mg116 mg/

* Recommended daily dose
** Percentage of reference quantity according to regulation (EU) no. 1169/2011 (LMIV) per daily dose


211.2 g = 240 capsules


  • Produced in Germany according to the official HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). It stands for hazard analysis and serves to ensure the hygienic safety of food.
  • Registered with the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.
  • Unrestricted marketability confirmed by an independent inspector.
  • The microcrystalline cellulose is completely free of nanoparticles.


In the morning and evening take 2 capsules with enough water, preferably before meals.

Warnings / legal notices

The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children and minors. Store the product unopened, cool, dry and out of reach of children.

Best before end / Lot number: see bottom.

Vitamaze | Amazing life 

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For many years Vitamaze has stood for health, balance and well-being. Thousands of customers place their trust in the quality of Vitamaze every year, so that today we can offer a wide range of products at an excellent price-performance ratio.

In close cooperation with scientists and experts, we are constantly expanding our wide range of dietary supplements. High-quality raw materials and the best ingredients guarantee a high level of compatibility. By deliberately abstaining from the release agent magnesium stearate, we ensure that the body absorbs and processes the active ingredients quickly and effectively. The strict Vitamaze guidelines also guarantee the highest quality - made in Germany - controlled according to the preventive HACCP concept. Of course, all our products are free of harmful additives, gluten, lactose and other allergens.

Whether for fitness, health, performance or well-being - we offer you professional products that can systematically contribute to the natural preservation of numerous bodily functions.

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