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*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Rapid Weight Loss [15-Day Bundle] + Exercise Band

Receive a 15-day supply

The best formula for a  toned body in no time!  The winning combination of a powerful fat burner and the strongest diuretic on the market. A beautifully shaped body in 15 days!*

  • boosts fat burning by 24%*

  • boosts  energy  and  increases calorie consumption

  • eliminates excess water  and  harmful toxins

  • reduces  swelling  and  bloating  by up to 60%*

  • reduces  cellulite

  • FREE gift: Exercise Band - won’t roll or slip! Intermediate level of resistance – suitable for all!

Since some SlimJOY products are undergoing a re-design, some packaging you receive may differ from the packaging visible in the product pictures on our website. It is, however, still the same product.

Contents: 1x Rapid Weight Loss [15-Day Bundle] + Exercise Band 25 bags/15 days

Sufficient for 15 days

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*Customers used a previous version of this product. Try the new & improved version now!

A fast and easy way to a slimmer figure

2 powerful weight-loss products for quickly visible results.

This powerful combination is for you if:

  • you can't shed excess water and toxins

  • you have problems with losing weight

  • you are exercising, but it's not effective

  • you have problem reducing size of your waist, calves and ankles

  • your energy levels are low and you experience annoying caffeine jitters

The stubborn fat in your problem areas will go away in no time!

A super-quick way to achieve your dream figure and improve general well-being.

Eliminate excess water, detoxify, boost weight loss and feel better!

The powerful combination of WaterOut XXL and FatBurn XXL helps:

Raise energy levels

Vitamin B3 can naturally improve energy levels.

Boost fat burn

Raises the body's internal temperature which accelerates fat burning.

Eliminate excess water

Cleanse the liver and stimulate the lymphatic system

Boost weight-loss

It can increase the effectiveness of exercise, causing better weight loss.

This is a perfect combo to give you that extra push!

+ SlimJoy Fit Band! 

Perfect 2-1 mixture: 

No more waking up bloated and puffy

Boost weight-loss

Help reduce the size of waist, ankles and calve

Eliminate excess water

Speed up fat burning

Raise energy levels

WaterOut XXL

Scientists: Eliminating excess water is crucial for weight loss!

In addition to excess water, water retention also causes harmful toxins to accumulate in the body. These toxins can prove especially problematic to the liver, which is our main fat-burning organ. It can make weight loss nearly impossible!

This is why we have designed WaterOut XXL so that it eliminates not only excess water but also helps the body detoxify, in order to optimise the functioning of the liver, cleanse the lymphatic system and accelerate fat burning.

Drink 1 sachet per day with a glass of water and reduce bloating and swelling by up to 60!*

WaterOut XXL ingredients

FatBurn XXL

L-Carnitine - the strongest fat burner in the world!

FatBurn XXL contains the patented ingredient Carnipure®, which naturally increases body temperature and helps accelerate fat burning. FatBurn XXL works best if you drink it right before exercise. 

Drink 1 sachet a day after lunch or before exercise with a class of water and burn up to 24% more fat!* 

FatBurn XXL ingredients

SlimJoy Fit Band

Get in shape with an exercise band made from a mix of high-quality cotton and rubber that won’t stretch out of shape!

  • Super comfortable material – can be used on bare skin

  • NO slipping and NO rolling up thanks to a wider design and inner rubber grips

  • Intermediate resistance – suitable for everyone

  • Comes with a small bag so you can take it anywhere with you

"My husband and I couldn't believe it!"

Yolandi heard about  SlimJOY on Facebook and wanted to know more about it. "My biggest problem is that I only eat twice a day, in the morning and just before bed." Our advisor recommended our 15-day weight-loss program to her.

She started the programme and was able to notice the first results after just  10 days*: "Well, I can only think of one word - WOW! In 3 weeks I lost 9.5* kilos! My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes. We checked the number on the scale twice!" But the scale wasn't lying.

"I owe the quick results to AquaSlim** in particular, which eliminated excess water weight immediately," Yolandi concludes.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

**Yolandi used a previous version of WaterOut XXL. Try the new & improved version now!

How to use:

NEW: WaterOut XXL

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

During the morning

FatBurn XXL

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

After a meal

1-5WaterOut, 1 sachet in 1L of water/
6-10WaterOut, 1 sachet in 1L of waterFatBurn, 1 sachet in a glass of water
11-15/FatBurn, 1 sachet in a glass of water

2 tasty drinks with EXTREMELY powerful effects for quickly visible results!