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The ancient all-in-one superfood captured in a revolutionary formula with probably the most powerful effect yet.

Meet our premium turmeric supplement, one of the strongest turmeric and vitamin D3 capsules on the market, with a patented German formula for maximum effect

  • 185x higher bioavailability for the fastest and best possible absorption
  • a welcome boost to your immune system and brain function

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1 capsule equals 20 regular curcumin capsules


more potent than
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The one superfood you need right now

Curcumin is the striking active ingredient derived from the turmeric root that has been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. It is greatly appreciated for its wide range of applications, as it:

  • fights inflammation,
  • protects the liver,
  • proven to be a strong antioxidant,
  • boosts the immune system,
  • supports the nervous system and
  • maintains joint health.

After years of extensive research, scientists confirm: curcumin is the all-in-one superfood that benefits the entire body and provides a welcome relief from a variety of conditions. But only if you take it the right way.

Not all turmeric supplements are equal

While extremely beneficial, curcumin alone is not that easily absorbed into the human body. And if it doesn’t enter your bloodstream, it’s impossible for your body to use it. Meaning, it’s non-bioavailable. Luckily, we’ve found a perfect solution!

A revolutionary approach to harnessing its superpowers

Using a completely new approach to enhancing its bioavailability, we’ve combined curcumin with micelle, a liquid, water-soluble carrier that helps deliver it into the bloodstream, resulting in 185x higher bioavailability and ensuring the best possible absorption.

This is what makes a world of difference when it comes to reaping its health benefits and exactly what makes it the best turmeric supplements on the market.

Probably the best turmeric supplement on the market

We took the ancient multipurpose remedy and combined it with the latest scientific findings to produce one of the best all-in-one curcumin supplements yet. 1 AVENOBO Curcuma turmeric capsule equals 200 g of regular turmeric powder, clearly outperforming other similar products on the market.

A state-of-the-art clinical trial powered by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research confirms our Curcuma is

  • as much as 185x more bioavailable than the usual turmeric powder and 20x better than the microniSed form
  • so effective that the power of 1 single capsule equals 13 standard 80% curcumin capsules
  • still effective after 24 hours (there was 75x more curcumin recovered as compared to the native curcumin and 21x more as compared to micronized curcumin after 24 hours of oral administration)

Health benefits for the whole body

  • boosts the immune system
  • strengthens bones & muscles
  • reduces inflammation
  • enhances mental sharpness & improves memory
  • supports & protects the liver
  • prevents the accumulation of fats in the liver &
    helps reduce them
  • relieves muscle and joint pain
  • alleviates stomach problems
  • improves digestion
  • improves skin health
  • helps maintain the health of lungs & upper respiratory tract
  • improves blood circulation & heart function

The perfect synergy of nature’s finest

In this remarkably effective formula, the highly bioavailable curcumin is further enhanced by vitamin D3 for even greater benefits.

Vitamin D3

In combination with curcumin, the active form of vitamin D helps:

  • maintain a normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • regulate the process of cell division
  • maintain normal bone and muscle function


The recommended daily intake is 1-2 capsules with a glass of water after a meal.

Ingredients: NovaSOL®️ Curcumin [curcuma longa rhizome extract with 6% total curcuminoids and 5-5,5% curcumin; poly sorbate 80; cholecalciferol (≥ 0,0014%)], antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid, capsules: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose.

Warning: If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any ingredients in this product or use medication consult your doctor before use. This product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Important notices: The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dark and dry place, at temperatures below 25°C.

So much stronger than your usual curcumin

Tried, tested and proven: AVENOBO Curcuma offers the best value for money. It is the absolute winner among the most popular curcumin forms.

Regular capsules

(native curcumin)

not bioavailable – very poor absorption

extremely limited impacts and health benefits


very short retention time – barely detectable after 24 hours

Improved capsules

(micronized curcumin)

approx. 9x better bioavailability as compared to native curcumin extract

limited health benefits


better retention time as compared to turmeric powder – still in circulation after 24 hours (approx. 3.5x more of it recovered as compared to native curcumin)

Premium turmeric supplement


185x better bioavailability as compared to native curcumin extract & 20x better as compared to the micronized form

drastically enhanced absorption with optimum health benefits


better retention time as compared to native curcumin – still in circulation and effective after 24 hours (75x more curcumin recovered as compared to native curcumin and 21x more as compared to micronized curcumin)


enriched with vitamins D3 for even better results

Product Reviews


When I was doing some research, I found that curcumin is very beneficial, but our bodies are bad at absorbing it. Avenobo Curcuma capsules contain it in a micellar form that makes it 185-times more bioavailable! It means it gets absorbed better so you get the best possible effects.


Turmeric is a real super-plant! You can get so many benefits from it, especially in the cold season! Unfortunately, not everyone likes the taste. Avenobo Curcuma has the perfect solution: a natural supplement in the form of a capsule!


Health is our most important asset and I treat my body with that in mind. Avenobo Curcuma capsules are an absolute superfood for me, and I rely on them every day. Taking just 1 Avenobo capsule is like taking 20 ordinary ones and I get some vitamin D3 at the same time!

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