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DAY 1: Lower body

Use these timeless leg exercises to gain mass and strength on your lower body.

DAY 2: Upper body

You can work out your core and build a good set of abs in the process by working out in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere in your home.

DAY 3: Core/aerobic

Core exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness program, but it takes aerobic activity to burn abdominal fat.

DAY 4: Lower body

Step up your lower-body training for more size, strength, and power.

DAY 5: Upper body

Regularly working out muscles in your arms, back, chest and shoulders is vital to keeping your upper body strong and giving your muscles definition.

DAY 6: Core/aerobic

Cardio that incorporates core strength at the same time is better. Strong core muscles make it easier to do most physical activities and may also help improve back pain.

DAY 7: Relaxation / Stretching

Stretching is something you know you should be doing. You may think you don't have time for it, don't need it, or don't want to waste your time, but this is probably one of the best ways to end any workout.

DAY 8: Lower body routine

Your legs are the wheels that carry you through the day, so you want them to be strong.

DAY 9: Upper body

Upper body strength is important because the upper body controls your ability to perform everyday activities such as reaching, pulling, pushing and lifting.

DAY 10: Core/aerobic

Focus on often neglected training exercises that work the full core (lower back, abdominal, obliques, hips, and upper back).

DAY 11: Lower body

A strong lower body is crucial - whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance or just daily functionality.

DAY 12: Upper body

Having a strong upper body improves your flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

DAY 13: Core/aerobic

When there is very little time to squeeze in a workout, you need exercises that are going to pack a serious punch. And combining core work with cardio will do the trick.

DAY 14: Relaxation/stretching

The great thing about stretching is that you don't have to spend a lot of time on the exercises to get the benefits. This total body flexibility workout proves it with stretches so simple, you can do them anywhere.

DAY 15: Lower body

Designed to help you gain muscles while keeping your joints in good shape.

DAY 16: Upper body

The upper body shouldn't be neglected as part of a balanced exercise programme. A large percentage of the population live very sedentary lives, and most suffer from posterior imbalances.

DAY 17: Core/aerobic

Work up a good sweat and target your abs, obliques & lower back with this workout that uses a wide range of exercises - targets your entire core and helps burn off some extra calories with cardio.

DAY 18: Lower body

With no equipment, this at-home workout will shape your glutes, thighs, and calves.

DAY 19: Upper body

A great side effect of strength training is its metabolism-boosting power.

DAY 20: Core/aerobic

At the core of every great athletic performance lies a strong core and great cardiovascular conditioning.

DAY 21: Relaxation / stretching

These exercises promote flexibility and relaxation. They feel good after a hard workout. This workout targets all the major muscles of the body

DAY 22: Lower body

Whether you want to increase your sports performance, lose weight, or just make everyday movement easier, strengthening your lower body is key

DAY 23: Upper body

Strengthening your upper body, especially the shoulders and back, will give you the posture to fight unnecessary injuries

DAY 24: Core/aerobic

These cardio exercises will rev up your heart rate, burn fat, and sculpt your muscles like no other.

DAY 25: Lower body

From your butt to your thighs to your calves, this lower-body workout will hit every muscle in your bottom half.

DAY 26: Upper body

A strong upper body is essential for good posture and daily activities - from putting the groceries away to injury prevention and more.

DAY 27: Core/aerobic

A flatter stomach is a very common fitness goal, the unfortunate part is that is impossible to spot reduce fat anywhere on the body. The best way is to combine cardio exercises with strength training.

DAY 28: Relaxation/stretching

Stretching when your muscles are warmed up has several benefits, including building greater flexibility, relaxation and stress relief, reducing post-exercise muscle soreness and stiffness.


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