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Last Minute Slimming

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3 evergreen bestsellers for optimising your metabolism and torching through belly fat

  • Make weight loss 2.5 times faster*
  • Designed to fight stubborn belly fat
  • Includes our most powerful fat burner with long-term results
  • Contains high-quality ingredients for detox, weight loss and energy boost
  • 20-day programme (tea + drink + capsules)

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Yes, it’s POSSIBLE to get visibly slimmer in 20 days!  

Wondering how this incredible effect is possible?

Easy! If you're bloated, can't lose weight and feel drained, three of your most important physical systems are sleeping - we just have to wake them up:

  • Liver

  • Kidneys & lymphatic system

  • Metabolism & digestion

Together, recharged, they re-start weight loss – quickly and no matter if you’re on a diet or not

The solution is safe, natural, clinically proven to work!

Missing your waistline? It’s actually a warning sign

Don’t miss the message! When our jeans get tighter around the waist and the bloating looks like it’s here to stay, it means the body is tired.

  • Overburdened liver can lead to slower fat metabolism and weight gain – especially around your mid-section

  • Overflown lymphatic system can lead to water retention, holding onto toxins and decline in immunity

  • Slow digestion leads to bloating, discomfort, weight gain and much more

Losing weight in this condition is very hard.

However, the solution is simple: flush the toxins away and recharge your 3 body-weight regulators!

Shed unfair weight fast by recharging liver, kidneys and metabolism in 20 days

The FIRST Minute Slimming makes all three body systems work at their best again so you can start losing excess weight fast and regain control of your body weight.

What you can achieve

2.5 times faster weight loss

up to 1/3 excess water reduction

Optimal metabolism and 24/7 fat loss

No food cravings

These products helped thousands of customers!

How liver, kidneys and metabolism can make your body lose weight very fast and it's actually good for you!

FIRST Minute Slimming wakes up these three systems of your body so that they're at their best again. This will help you start losing excess weight fast and regain control of your body weight.

  • The liver helps you reach your full fat-burning potential, improves digestion, balances the metabolism and gets rid of toxins

  • The kidneys and the lymphatic system help you reach your full potential for getting rid of excess water weight (face, hands, feet and tummy) and reduce cellulite

  • A supercharged metabolism and balanced blood sugar help you feel energised, reduce overeating, help you use food as fuel and means you'll never stop burning fat (24/7 effect)

1 drink + 3 capsules + 1 cup of tea / day. That's it!

All 3 products contain premium natural ingredients and are safe to use for as long as it's needed. They support vitality of the organs and improve your ability to fight toxins, stressors and bad food choices - like in your best days!

How to take it:

  • In the morning: Mix 1 sachet of AquaSlim drink with 1 l of water. Drink it before noon.

  • Three times a day after meals: Take one capsule of FatOut! with a glass of water, three times a day, take the last one before the sun sets.

  • After lunch: Make yourself a cup of Hepafar tea and enjoy it hot or cold.

How to use:


10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

During the morning

Hepafar Liver Cleanse Tea

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

1 tea bag

During the day

Fat Out! Thermo Burn OLD SKU

60 capsules | Receive a 20-day supply

1 capsule/3x daily

Before a meal