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Imuno Boost

3-in1 immune booster for a fast-active immune response and better protection against illness-causing microbes.

It delivers:

  • Strong immune system boost with a superior form of vitamin C + zinc + selenium

  • 3-in-1 immune protection

  • 2x* better absorption of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) compared to regular vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)

  • Support in the production of antibodies, our special forces against microbes

Contents: 1x Imuno Boost 20 capsules/10 days

Sufficient for 10 days

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Imuno Boost triple strength

In order to support our body effectively when illness-causing microbes or other “invaders” attack, we have to reinforce all the 3 levels of defence that the immune system uses:

1) The first-defence barriers (skin, mucus membranes/like fortress walls). Main player: Vitamin C.

2) The fast-acting and less efficient innate immunity (the first immune cells/like cops on the scene). Main player: Selenium.

3) The slow-acting but extremely target-oriented acquired immunity (based on antibodies/like seek-and-destroy special forces). Main player: Zinc.

And that’s why Imuno Boost offers such great support – it reinforces all the 3 main lines of defence needed to effectively protect our body from infections.

3 immune lines of defence

  • 1st line of defence (1): mucus, skin, tears, microbiota = protective wall (innate immunity)

  • 2nd line of defence (2): attack of wide range of immune cells, fever, inflammation (innate immunity)

  • 3rd line of defence (3): formation of antibodies that destroy the pathogen - microbe (adaptive immunity)

Study confirms: Ester-C®, the patented form of vitamin C, protects us 24/7

When Ester-C® was clinically studied it was confirmed that it stays in the microbe-fighting white blood cells for up to 24 hours, which is longer than regular Vitamin C. This means it can support our immune system all day long, 24/7!**

**Source: Combs MA, et al. Vitamin C Metabolites Enhance Leukocyte Uptake And Half Life: Critical Implications For Immune Enhancement. 48th Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition. 2007.

Our body’s defences never sleep, help them 24/7

  • Reinforces immune function

  • Prevents tiredness and fatigue

  • 24/7 support

  • Helps fight illness-causing microbes

How does Imuno Boost work to reinforce your immune defences?

1. Strengthening the first-line barriers - The skin and mucus membranes are the first-line defence against microbes and try to prevent their entry into the body.

  • Vitamin C helps create a stronger anti-microbe response by strengthening the skin and mucus membranes (by strengthening collagen which is their building block). This way it reinforces our first barrier against microbes – hindering their passage into our body where they can infect us and multiply.

2. Sustaining the fast-acting innate immune response   White blood cells called neutrophils and macrophages are the first cops on the scene trying to engulf and destroy foreign invaders (viruses, bacteria, and others) and damaged cells.

  • Selenium enhances our first-hand immune response to microbes and protects our cells from free radicals that get generated during a viral attack. It helps buy time until the special forces soldiers of the acquired immunity get recruited (= produced) in high enough numbers. Usually, this takes up to 2 weeks.

3. Supporting the acquired immune response This is the evolutionary most evolved branch of our immune system. It is a specialist for each and every microbe or other illness-causing substance.

It is based on specialized white blood cells called B cells that produce antibodies, our special forces that target and destroy problematic foreign substances as microbes. But for every new-comer that our body doesn’t know yet, it has to produce new antibodies. This process takes time and energy.

  • Zinc is the mineral that’s needed for the development and growth of antibodies, the most specialized and effective weapons against illness-causing organisms we have.

All 3, vitamin C, Selenium, and Zinc, protect immune cells against their own microbe-fighting weapons: when immune cells mount an attack against microbes, they use specific microbe-killing substances that can be dangerous also to the immune cells themselves and other body cells as well. So, Vitamin C, Se, and Zn help build a shield that protects our own cells.