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SHAPEiT Elastic Band

High-quality resistance band to tone your glutes and legs!

Boost the efficiency of your workouts with ShapeIT Elastic Band – made of high-quality cotton and rubber for warm-ups or toning exercises  it won't slip or roll and you’ll love using it! 

  • Intermediate resistance – suitable for everyone! 
  • Great for warm-ups and toning 
  • Comfortable enough to use on bare skin 
  • Wide design and anti-slip rubber straps – won’t slide or roll 
  • It won’t stretch out of shape 

Contents: 1x SHAPEiT Elastic Band 1 unit/0 days

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Our Elastic Band will change your workouts forever!

Tone your glutes, hips and hamstrings – and have fun doing it!

Step up your workout game

Excellent news – ShapeIT Elastic Band is suitable for everyone thanks to intermediate resistance it offers! It’s great for warm-ups and toning workouts alike – and you can use it on your glutes, legs and upper body.

It will boost the efficiency of the workouts you already perform – and it will make them all the more fun! You can also try some powerful new exercises – for ideas, check the slider below.

A winning combo – effective, comfy and fun!

It’s soft and super comfortable to use even on bare skin. 2 anti-slip rubber straps make sure the band stays in place no matter how vigorous your workout gets! It will keep its shape thanks to elastic fibres and high-quality cotton. It’s easy to pack, so you can always take it with you to the gym or a park.

Care: Hand wash in cold water. Air dry away from direct sunlight.