The right way to jog: 7 tips for beginners to gain good results


Jogging is very popular.And for good reason. You don’t need a lot to get started. Put on your trainers and off you go. A little jog around the park, a big adventure into the woods or even a run through the heart of the city – you can jog anywhere. Beginners who follow these 7 running tips will enjoy jogging for a long time to come: Running the right way gets you fit, slim and able to handle stress – and strengthens your immune system.

Jogging tip 1: Don't overdo it

When you start running, you quickly get ambitious.Just a little jog around the park? I can do more!Just training twice a week? Why not five times – I’ll get results faster! Our tip: take it slow.Only go running two or three times a week and have at least one rest day between training days. Start with short distances so you don't overwork yourself. You will progress faster than you think: even if your heart and lungs get used to the new regime after a couple of weeks, muscles, ligaments and tendons need much longer. Training moderately will help you avoid injury.

Jogging tip 2: Relax

If you train doggedly, you will tense up. This frequently results in problems with the muscles in the shoulder and neck area. Let your arms and shoulders drop loosely. Loosen up in every sense of the word:find your own speed. Don't compare yourself with others as it will demotivate you. Especially when you are just getting started, it’s often better to run on your own rather than in a group.

Jogging tip 3: Run at a moderate pace, don't sprint

Most joggers run far too fast,resulting in heavy legs, breathlessness and lots of sweating. Your training is hardly effective at all. Virtually no fat is burnt. Whereas if you run moderately and always keep your pulse in the green zone,your muscles will get enough oxygen. You will get fitter, more active and find it easier to lose weight. The best way to work out if you are jogging moderately is to see if you can easily speak in full sentences.

Jogging tip 4: Shoes

Jogging is wonderfully simple:put on your running gear, tie your laces and off you go. You don’t need any expensive equipment (at least initially). When you first get started, you don't need fancy running shoes. Normal trainers are perfectly good enough. It’s only worth buying running shoes when you know for sure that you want to stick with it and continue jogging in the long term. A good fit and shock-absorbing soles take the strain off the joints and make it easier to run.

Jogging tip 5: Stay on the ball

It’s all about training regularly. If your training levels go up and down a lot, you won't reach a satisfactory level of fitness. Jogging is an endurance sport – it’s a long-term occupation. It’s always running season! Regular, moderate training units of say two or three times a week and regeneration phases of an adequate length in between are perfect.


Jogging tip 6: Drink plenty

Like virtually all sports, when you are joggingdon’t forget to drink plenty of water. The longer you are out, the more important it is to continually take on fluids. Take a bottle of water with you for long runs or on very hot days. You can buy a special carrier belt so your hands remain free.

Jogging tip 7: Combine jogging with strength training

Joggers should schedule in regular strength training sessions to avoid muscular imbalance. The muscles in the chest, stomach and back as well as those on the rear of the upper and lower legs are hardly used at all when jogging, resulting in imbalance. The risk of injury is all the greater. Classic strength exercises help to use these areas of muscle:press-ups, sit-ups, crunches or squats strengthen the muscles in the long term. You will run more efficiently and faster. Your basic metabolic rate, i.e. calorie consumption, increasesand it's easier to lose weight. Two 15-minute sessions a week is all you need. If you want to be particularly kind to your joints when training, you can wear knee and wrist wraps.

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