Dorcas: "I noticed a decrease in the waist and belly within a week of taking Garcinia Slim"

Say hello to Dorcas, a busy mother of five. After every pregnancy, a little bit of the weight wouldn't budge, resulting in fat deposits around the thighs and a sagging belly. This made her lack confidence and she knew a change was needed.

Henna: “It finally feels like I’m leaving my problems behind”

Henna is a 34-year-old Factory Team Leader from Finland, who's long been battling with her weight fluctuation and severe lack of energy. Thanks to Sensilab products, she finally managed to turn the page – and her results are amazing!

Valentina: "The feelings of hunger that tormented me disappeared and I lost 8 kg!*"

Valentina had been looking for years for something that could help her get rid of a problem that had plagued her for too long

Ioana: "I lost more weight in a month than in the previous 6 years of dieting and exercising combined!"

My name is Ioana. I have a sedentary job and in my free time, I'm a travel blogger! Before the pandemic, I was constantly struggling with dieting and weight loss.

Francesco: "My digestion is better, I got rid of bloating and lost weight"

While Francesco describes his body type as normal, rather muscular, the closure of his gym during lockdown has taken a toll on his shape and overall well-being; Francesco started to struggle with his self-esteem too and realised he became uncomfortable in

How Martina managed to lose weight and gain more energy

Martina is a 32-year-old designer who went through a difficult period. She started taking birth control, gained some weight and was under a lot of stress. This is when her thyroid problems began.

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