Seven tips for a summer without a cover-up

We don’t know about you, but as soon as March arrives, we realise that swimsuit season is rapidly approaching. But there’s still hope! Our nutritionist has provided us with some of her best tips on losing up to 10 kilos without giving up all your favourite foods. Interested? Here are 7 tips to slim down in time for a summer without a cover-up.

Swimsuit season

1. Walk!

Forget the lift; take the stairs instead. Park your car a bit further away than usual, and move around more on foot! It’s a great way to burn calories without setting aside time for a workout.

2. Don’t let your body fall asleep

At the office, set a timer every 20 minutes to get up and move, even if only for a few seconds. After 20 minutes of sitting, the body starts to reduce the number of calories burned, so just moving every 20 minutes keeps it fully active.

3. Watch those calories

Be aware of the high-calorie content in sweet foods – they are the enemies of a slim life. Throw away the morning biscuit box and replace it with a smoothie. This way, you consume fewer calories and get more vitamins at the same time.

4. Stay hydrated!

It might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but it’s always important to stay hydrated to keep your body functioning optimally. You could also try drinking warm water before each meal, as it keeps you hydrated and helps you feel full much faster.

5. Exercise is essential

Jumping for 10 minutes can burn up to 135 calories while also sculpting and toning your body. What could be better?

6. More substantial nutrition

Stay fuller for longer by adding fibre (cereals like oats) to your smoothies. Fibre helps stabilise blood sugar levels, making you less tempted by unhealthy snacks.

7. Stay positive

Believe in yourself and your beauty, no matter your current curves! By being happy with each step forward, staying positive, and having a bit of determination, you will succeed; your success is guaranteed! A small tip: music can be highly motivating. Create your favourite playlist to listen to during your walk or exercise, and time and calories will fly away much faster. ;)

Start today!

If you feel bombarded with ideas on how to lose weight for swimsuit season, stop worrying. We’re here to offer you help tailored just for you!

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