Trend sports 2018 - stay fit with fun factor


Sport can be so much fun! The new trend sports have nothing to do with boring gym routines. They are funny, challenging, playful and athletic. And because almost all of them can be practiced in the fresh air, they even bring an extra portion of good mood. Try them out and let the trend sports fever take hold of you. There's bound to be something for you too.

Outdoor trend sports: sports and fun in the open air

Bossaball: Volleyball meets football meets trampoline

Anyone who has ever wanted to know what it feels like to play ball on an adult bouncy castle must try Bossaball.

How it works: Two teams play against each other on an inflatable surface (3 to 5 people each). They are separated by a volleyball net. Whoever places the ball in the field of the opposing team scores points. All parts of the body - hands, feet and head - may be used. The trampoline placed in the middle of the inflatable surface provides a lot of fun: With spectacular jumps the players can kick, smash and head the ball into the opponent's field.

Bossaball requires a lot of balance. The whole field is constantly in motion, bouncing back and forth. Here, the players have to permanently balance their own body center - a workout for every muscle. It is not for nothing that the Brazilian dance Bossa Nova "thus: new wave" was the name sponsor for this trend sport.

Where you can do it: Bossaball is still quite unknown in Germany. In Berlin and other cities there are already Bossaball facilities.

Obstacle course with ice pools, slides and tyre stacks

imageExtreme obstacle courses such as XLETIX, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race are becoming more and more popular. These obstacle races are about mastering a demanding running course that is peppered with obstacles.

How it works: You have to overcome mud pits, climb walls and hills, swim through lakes or ice-cold water basins or climb over stacks of tyres. The body is challenged with everything: crawling and shimmying along, swimming and swinging, pulling up and carrying heavy loads. This requires strength, endurance - and also team spirit. Many of the races are designed as group events. Often the obstacles are built so that they can only be overcome as a team. This strengthens the sense of unity and brings good spirits. By the way, our effective sports nutrition, which is designed to meet the needs of ambitious recreational athletes and professionals, provides extra strength.

Where you can do it: worldwide. You can get information and register directly with the race organizers. 

Bike-Polo: bike replaces horse

imageIn the outdoor trend sport of Bike Polo, the classic game of polo is simply played on the bike. Everything can be improvised. The playing field? Maybe an empty parking lot or a meadow. The racquet? How about a wooden handle, a stick or a second-hand hockey stick? A solid, small ball is a good plaything.

How it works: The players sit on the bike. They try to shoot the small ball into the opponent's goal with polo sticks. Ball feeling, balance and control over the bike are crucial. Helmet and light protective clothing are recommended.

Where you can do it: Almost anywhere. You don't need more than one free area.

Blobbing: Water fun with rubber cushions

Blobbing catapults courageous bathers with great momentum into the water.

How it works: It takes the eponymous "blob" - a big floating rubber pillow - and two people. One person drops onto the air cushion from a diving tower and the impact throws the second person, who is already sitting on the front of the air cushion, into the water. Even inexperienced jumpers can easily reach several meters of jumping height.

Where you can do it: A blob can be rented relatively inexpensively in the open air pool or at the bathing lake. Helmets and life jackets are mandatory.

Stand-up paddling for water lovers

imageAdmittedly, the trend sport of stand-up paddling (SUP for short) is no longer quite so new, but it is still extremely popular.

How it works: You go out on the water with a board and a paddle. With even paddle movements you glide standing up over the water - a very special, weightless feeling. In order to keep your balance, every muscle in the body and especially the middle of the body is strained.

If you like it more demanding, you can try Stand Up Paddling Yoga. Here, simple yoga exercises are practiced on the SUP board: a real balancing exercise for advanced students.

Where you can do it: You can conquer lakes, rivers and oceans with the relaxed whole body workout.

Slacklining - balancing act on the tape

You balance back and forth on a loosely tensioned band (the slackline). The slackline is an approximately 5 to 10 cm wide, flat woven band that gives way elastically. Initially it is still very wobbly. But with a little practice you'll quickly get the hang of how to balance the line's movements with your body, for example by raising your arms in the air.

How it works: It's easier if the tape is taut. Beginners start with a lowline, the band is about knee level. Then it does not hurt so much if you fall down once. If you are a little more courageous, hang the band higher and let it sag more so that it becomes shakier. Advanced slackliners don't just run on the rope, but also perform acrobatic jumps, turn, sit down or even balance on their hands.

Where you can do it: The slackline is quickly set up. It can be stretched between two trees or posts or firmly anchored in the ground.

Indoor trend sports: Fitness in other dimensions

Bouldering - this is the way up

Anyone can start climbing immediately: In bouldering, laymen and professionals alike climb artificial or natural rock faces, which are usually equipped with small, colourful handles - completely without rope and without harness. The ground is always very close to the climber, and climbing takes place at jump height. Important for bouldering are strong arms and fingers. But also a strong mind is required: Every movement has to be well thought out.

Where you can do it: In many big and small cities there are bouldering halls, also in some parks there are open-air climbing rocks.

Immersive fitness: Virtual workout in a new dimension

You can jog through Mediterranean landscapes, cycle through a glacier or do yoga in New Zealand - without leaving the classroom. Immersive Fitness immerses you in a virtual world that promises fun and variety. You train in front of a video screen with 360° projection. The appropriate sound is played in, often a course instructor provides additional motivation. The 3D-workout is highly imaginative and will certainly spur you on to true peak performances. Just the right thing for lack of motivation.

Where you can do it: Up to now there are unfortunately only a few fitness studios that offer immersive fitness.

Fit with trend sports

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