Softgainer, Hardgainer, Normalgainer: Which training type are you?


To train successfully, build muscles and melt fat, it helps to know your own body well. If you know what training type you are, you can achieve success faster. Here you can find out whether you belong to the softgainers, hardgainers or normalgainers - and how to train more effectively and which sports nutrition is suitable for your body type.

"I can eat what I want, but I'm not putting on weight." – the Hardgainer

It is not so easy to build up muscles as a hardgainer. The metabolism of this ectomorphic body type works at full speed and burns the calories supplied with food incredibly fast - and also "nibbles" on the muscles if they don't eat enough. Their problem: they simply don't gain weight.

Features of the Hardgainer

  • fast metabolism
  • little fat storage
  • little muscle gain
  • very slim, delicate appearance

What should hardgainers eat?

Hardgainers should aim for a high-energy diet, especially if they want to build strong and defined muscles. It is not only important how much you eat, but also how often and what you eat.

For many this sounds like a dream - Hardgainers are allowed to practice it without remorse: You have to eat something every 3 hours at the latest so that the body is not "starved" and goes to its own sparse reserves. The meals may be rich in protein and carbohydrates and should be supplemented with good fats, fruits and vegetables.

How should Hardgainers train?

Never train sober. Eat a light meal about one hour before training. After training, you should immediately refill your stores, for example with a protein shake.

Rely on a workout that aims to build muscle mass, for example strength training on machines, weight lifting, knee bends, pull-ups and push-ups. It is better to do less endurance sports such as swimming, jogging or cycling - these would immediately make the laboriously built up muscles disappear again.

"I am muscular, you just can't see it" – the Softgainer

People with endomorphic characteristics quickly build up fat reserves, but also rapidly gain muscle mass. A soft-gainer trains optimally when he or she reduces body fat and builds and defines muscles.

Features of the Softgainer

  • slow metabolism
  • tends to fat storage
  • minute size
  • stocky appearance
  • pronounced subcutaneous fat makes muscles appear undefined

What should Softgainers eat?

Eat a healthy and as fresh as possible. Avoid fatty food and convenience products. Rely on proteins and fibre-rich carbohydrates. You should rather avoid snacks between meals. An additional sportsmen's shake before and after training is an ideal dietary supplement in a Softgainer's menu.

How should Softgainers train?

Strengthening training with weights leads to a fast muscle build-up. In order to make them visible, it is important to get rid of those annoying fat pads. Endurance sports like jogging, swimming, rowing, cycling or cross-country skiing are ideal here - they burn many calories and let the fat melt away. Important: Do not overstrain them immediately. Only gradually increase the duration and scope of your training units. You will notice a continuous improvement in your performance and well-being. To support the regeneration of the stressed muscles, this essential mixture of amino acids is recommended.

"I quickly see training successes" – the Normalgainer

The Normalgainer is a mesomorphic fitness type and builds up muscles easily. Due to its active metabolism it does not gain weight quickly and breaks down fat well.

Features of the Normalgainer

  • normal metabolism
  • normal fat storage
  • sporty appearance
  • well developed musculature and strong bone structure

What should Normalgainers eat?

Always eat a well-balanced diet is the motto for Normalgainers. Those who pay attention to a healthy, varied and pure diet without additives and harmful ingredients are well advised. Vegetables, fruit, fresh fish, little meat and healthy oils and nuts provide all the necessary proteins, fats, vital substances and vitamins.

How should Normalgainers train?

A mix of strengthening strength training and fitness-enhancing endurance sports is perfect for looking and feeling fit. If you lead an active lifestyle, you can support the build-up and regeneration of your muscles with valuable Vitamaze sports nutrition and essential food supplements.