"I can finally wear the trousers that didn't fit me for years"

15 Jun 2020

Boštjan is a 42-year-old consultant from Slovenia. For a long time, he struggled with extra weight and a terrible lack of energy. He finally decided to try Hepafar, which helped him detox the liver, lose 8 kg, and regain his energy. Keep reading to find out more!

"I always felt exhausted, and the weight kept piling up"

"I didn't want to admit it, but the whole situation bothered me a lot. When I came home from work, I felt constantly exhausted. All I could do was to fall on the couch to rest. I needed naps constantly. "

"I didn't have enough energy to spend time with my children or my partner. I always felt exhausted. My favourite pair of trousers didn’t fit me anymore. I couldn't live like that anymore," he sighs, remembering how he felt.

Then he decided to try Hepafar - and the results were spectacular.

"After 8-10 days, I noticed the first results. Suddenly, I felt less tired after work. I could finally spend time with my family without feeling exhausted."

"I've lost up to 8 kg since I started using Hepafar, and I’ve lost a couple of centimetres around my waist too. I can finally wear my favourite pair of trousers again - I kept them in my closet for years, hoping I could wear them again someday. Unfortunately, they’re quite out of fashion now," he jokes

"I am very happy with the results"

Boštjan is feeling much happier now, especially as he’s managed to stick to healthier eating habits too. He’s determined to repeat the programme in about 6 months. "I decided to turn my one ab into a six-pack before my summer vacation," he says with a laugh.

"I’d confidently recommend Hepafar to everyone, especially if you often struggle with a lack of energy, are looking to lose weight or fit into your favourite pair of trousers again. With Hepafar, success is guaranteed, tried and tested."

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