Draining and depurative smoothies have taken over the world web

Hot, skirts, shorts, sea ... hello cellulite! You have to run straight for cover! Smoothies are a nutritious way to keep healthy and get rid of unwanted cellulite. 


Smoothies are made with fruit and vegetables and you can try all the combinations that inspire you. Not to mention their ingredients are great allies when wanting to lose weight. Smoothies are very easy to prepare and economical: you just need a juicer and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

It would be ideal to drink the smoothie immediately after preparation, but you can also store it in the refrigerator. 

We offer you some delicious recipes 

Pineapple and cucumber: to drink on an empty stomach before breakfast – this combinationis perfect for those who want to combat water retention and cellulite. 

Mango and pineapple: rich in vitamins, refreshing, draining and sweet tasting.

1 fennel, 2 fresh pineapple slices and 1 cucumber. Clean all the ingredients, without removing the skin of the cucumber, mix everything in the juicer. This recipe is great if you're feeling bloated and have water retention problems. 

Sensilab recommends Slimcut Drainer 

We recommend the peach iced tea flavoured drainer drink to be embedded in the daily diet for its benefits: 

  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Slims the waist in a Flash
  • Eliminates toxins and increases body fluids
  • Will give you a feeling of lightness 

SlimcutDrainer contains 11 natural ingredients.It is unsweetened and can produce slimming overnight. You’ll be able to wear your favorite outfit again without having to struggle to close any zips on your pants!

 How does SlimCut Drainer work? 

This product contains a combination of plant extracts:

Ash leaf extract, cherry stem extract, Apple Cider vinegar powder and extract of prickly India pearin order to stimulate the elimination of excess fluids 

Dandelion root extract, hibiscus leaves and fennel fruit are responsible with eliminating the waste and toxins from the body;

  • elderflowershave been used since ancient times for their properties (improving digestion, regulating increased sweating and urinary problems)
  • black tea leaf extract increases the energy consumption through the thermogenic effect. Caffeine helps eliminate lipolysis and fat excess
  • chlorogenic acid restricts the conversion of sugar into fat
  • strong antioxidant, due to the high content of polyphenols 

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