Losing visceral fat should be a priority!

Did you know that losing belly fat will not only make you look better but also healthier?

It is completely normal to have some body fat, there is, however, an enemy hiding in the abdominal cavity you need to get rid of ASAP: visceral fat


What is visceral fat and why is it dangerous? 

As opposed to the not that perilous subcutaneous fat, stored just under the skin of your belly, arms and legs, visceral fat wraps around your liver, stomach and intestines. While it only makes up for about 10% of body fat, it is responsible for a host of problems.

Having excess fat, in general, can also mean some nutrients are not optimally available to your body. One of the most crucial vitamins for immunity, vitamin D, becomes trapped in fat so your body can’t freely access it. This is why overweight people need a higher vitamin D intake.

Do you have visceral fat? 

Rather than waiting and paying to have visceral fat measured, some general guidelines are available, albeit they are by no means conclusive as a series of other factors are involved. 

You can get a rough idea by measuring your waist size: for women, 89 centimetres is a sign of visceral fat, and for men, the number is around 100 centimetres. The second option is to calculate your BMI index: if it is 30 or higher, you are likely overweight, which can be a sign of visceral fat.

How to get rid of it?

The good news is that it is not impossible to lose visceral fat. With a combo of consistent exercise, a healthier diet, sufficient sleepreduced stress and the right food supplements, your chances are very good! 

AdipoBurn EXTREME is the go-to product for burning belly fat while also preventing fat cell growth. The feature that is particularly helpful in the case of losing visceral fat is that AdipoSlim can activate brown fat- the fat in charge of thermogenesis, turning you into a fat-burning machine!

Together with a switch to a more active lifestyle, the product’s new 30% stronger formula can help you reduce your waist and hip size and deliver extreme results!

Vitamin D 4000 IU boasts high potency formula that makes up for the fact that we don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight and food. Vitamin D should be our companion throughout the year, but its effects are even more prominent in the colder, darker months when our energy and immune system need an even stronger boost.

The so-called sunshine vitamin can be particularly beneficial to overweight individualsAs we’ve mentioned before, people with excess weight tend to lack vitamin D as it gets trapped in fatty tissue and the body can’t use it, so if you can relate, it’s all the more important to start using this supplement right now.

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