Garcinia Ultra 1000, the Miracle Supplement?

There are many different supplements available, some promise weight loss, others stress reduction, mood improvements and lowering of cholesterol. Yet, what if there was one that did all of that and more? The scientists at Sensilab have developed exactly that with the Garcinia Ultra 1000. Its key ingredient is the miraculous Garcinia cambogia, so let’s have a look into it!


Garcinia cambogia is a fruit found on trees in Southeast Asia, Central Africa and India. It had been used by those native to those areas for its incredible health benefits. It was only when it became known to help with weight loss, the West began to take notice.

So, how can it help you exactly?

Weight Loss

Previously being described as a miracle for obesity, Garcinia cambogia has several tricks up its sleeve to help aid weight loss.

Its most impressive skill is its ability to prevent calories being stored as fats. Particular enzymes in our bodies slow down our metabolisms which causes the body to become ‘lazy’ and start storing calories as fats. Garcinia cambogia is able to stop this happening through a compound known as hydroxyctric acid (HCA).

HCA blocks the formation of these ‘lazy’ enzymes, which causes your body to convert calories to glycogen rather than fats, aiding muscle building and energy.

Stress Reduction

Along with weight loss, HCA can be used to combat against stress and worry. It is associated with regulating cortisol found in the blood, your bodies most common stress hormone.

HCA also works as an appetite suppressor, stopping emotional eating throughout the day. You can be sure you won’t be reaching for the crisps or chocolates when you start to feel a little stressed out!

Helps Brighten up Mood

The natural compounds in Garcinia cambogia can have mood lifting effects. As mentioned earlier, HCA can help release serotonin (the happy hormone) into the body. Studies have been conducted to investigate HCAs relationship with serotonin, with findings claiming it can improve serotonin levels in the body.

Low serotonin levels are linked to both anxiety and depression so if you are look for a natural way to boost your ‘happy’ levels then Garcinia cambogia could be the answer.

Lower Cholesterol

When we hear the word cholesterol we automatically think of heart attacks, strokes and other health scares. Yet, there are good and bad fats and therefore good and bad cholesterol levels. HDL is the ‘good guy’ and LDL is the ‘bad guy’.

Along with HCA, Garcinia cambogia contains other compounds that help increase HDL levels and decrease LDL levels.

Therefore, if you take a daily dose of Garcinia cambogia, you may reduce the risks of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, a lower blood pressure level and ultimately have more energy in your day to day life!

Other Benefits

As well as the above benefits Garcinia cambogia can:

  • Boost your metabolism,

  • Provide you with more energy,

  • Further regulate blood sugar levels.

Garcinia Ultra 1000

The Garcinia Ultra 1000 utilises the incredible benefits of Garcinia cambogia and has its own twist to make it one of the most effective Garcinia supplements available.

Garcinia can help stop ‘lazy’ enzymes storing calories as fats and turn them into glycogen. The Garcinia Ultra 1000 contains another natural active ingredient that will further increase this as well as impact your metabolism and decrease sugar in your digestive tract.

The secret ingredient? Green coffee! The green coffee found in Garcinia Ultra 1000 is sourced from the forests of Ethiopia, known as Arabica beans. These beans contain a highly effective slimming compound, chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid will help increase your metabolism, reduces your bodies absorption of sugars into your digestive system and further aids turning fats into glycogen.

The combination of Garcinia cambogia and green coffee makes the Garcinia Ultra 1000 one of the most effective health supplements on the market.