Is Cynatine®HNS the Key to Beautiful, Healthy Hair?


decades now scientists have been trying to create ways to help reduce hair loss, promote healthy growth and improve shine and brightness without too much luck. Yet, it looks like the time has finally come, at least according to a reputable report published by Roxlor LLC. 


They conducted a clinical study to find out whether Cynatine® HNS, a form of keratin, can really do all of the above on its own.

What exactly is Cynatine® HNS?

Before we discuss the findings, let’s take a look at what Cynatine® HNS actually consists of. It is the world’s first Solubilized Keratin product and was developed for taking on health issues regarding hair. Keratin is a protein found naturally in the body and it is vital in the structural creation of skin, hair and nails.

What makes Cynatine® HNS so impressive, is that it converts natural keratin into an accessible form for our body to use. This is an extremely exciting breakthrough, with Cynatine® HNS likely to play an important part in all hair products in the future.

So, what did this study find?

The clinical trial included 50 women, half of which were in a placebo group and the other half in a test group, of whom were takingCynatine® HNS. The study evaluated hair loss, strength, growth and brightness as well as nail strength and skin issues (moisture, wrinkles etc.). The study was conducted over a 90-day period, here are the key findings:

Hair Loss

One of the most exciting discoveries was that 100% of those in the test group had at least a 20% hair loss decrease in 30 days, compared to only 37.5% of the placebo group experiencing a 20% decrease. This means that those taking Cynatine® HNS reduced hair loss almost 4 times over the placebo group, at just one month into the 90-day study.

Hair Growth

It wasn’t just hair loss that was noticed either, hair growth was seen 8 times more in the test group during the anagen phase.This phase is the first part of the hair cycle and is critical in ensuring healthy hair growth.

Shine and Brightness

Before the study, all participants were given a hair score of 1, with the possibility of improving by 2 units in regards to shine and brightness. Over 50% of the Cynatine® HNS group improved by 2 units in 30 days, compared to zero subjects in the placebo group. A massive 95% in the test group had at least a 1 unit increase whilst the same can only be said for 35% of the placebo group.

Nails and Skin

Each participant’s nails were evaluated by a dermatologist before the study began, noting several observations such as whether the nails were hard or soft, resistant or fragile, yellow or white etc.

Those taking Cynatine® HNS saw a decrease in nail breakage in just 30 days, with the placebo group being twice as likely to break their nails. The dermatologist concluded that Cynatine® HNS does improve the overall health of nails, especially in regards to strength.

It was also found that Cynatine® HNS helps support healthy skin; improving moisture and therefore reducing the chances of wrinkles beingbrought on by dry, worn out skin.

So, it’s pretty clear to see that Cynatine® HNS is an incredibly exciting discovery for those of us who want to stop hair loss, promote growth, increase shine and brightness, strengthen nails and improve skin care! Sounds almost too good to be true, right?!

Well, it is true and it is very real! The only issue is that it is in very few products at the moment. Fortunately, the scientists at Sensilab have created a 100% natural hair supplement that contains the magnificent Cynatine ® HNS!

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