Is Turmeric Good for Your Liver?

The answer is yes! Keep reading to find out why it’s so important for our body.


The liver is the largest gland in the human body and plays a fundamental role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. It also affects our body’s ability to deal with the effects of toxins, alcohol, cigarettes…

When the liver isn’t working properly, the consequences can be felt in other parts of the body.

Symptoms of an overloaded liver:

  • Poor eyesight
  • Skin problems (acne, spots, dry skin, oily skin)
  • Weight gain
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Bad breath
  • Digestive problems
  • Hormonal imbalance

New scientific discoveries

Curcumin is the active ingredient in the turmeric root, which has been in use for centuries. This spice is extremely popular, not only for its taste, but also for its multiple antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-cancer properties. In recent years, studies have linked curcumin to a wide variety of helpful abilities, including maintaining the health of the liver.

In an in vitro study, published in the scientific journal Annals of Hepatology, scientists have discovered an antioxidant effect, since curcumin contains various antioxidant enzymes. It also prevents the activation of some substances that cause inflammation and protects the body from oxidative stress.

Several studies have shown that curcumin helps prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In 2016, the scientific journal Phytotherapy Research published a randomized controlled clinical trial where people with a fatty liver received an amorphous dispersion curcumin formulation (500mg/day) or a placebo.

After 8 weeks, compared to the placebo, curcumin was associated with a significant reduction of fat content in the liver. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels were also reduced.

Unfortunately, not all forms of curcumin are equally effective

The ingestion of regular turmeric powder does not bring health benefits due to poor rates of absorption and rapid elimination. There are several ways to increase the effectiveness of turmeric powder and we used them to create a powerful product - AVENOBO Curcuma.

Our micellar formula makes this one of the best curcumin based supplements on the market:

  • it’s 185 times more bioavailable than other similar products
  • It stays in our body longer
  • 1 capsule of our product is equivalent to 13 normal curcumin capsules

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