Red clover for easing the symptoms of menopause?

About one third of all menopausal women experience symptoms such as reduced muscle mass, weight gain, high cholesterol and hot flashes.


Many women turn to natural remedies to help manage their symptoms, instead of relying solely on hormone therapy. One of these popular remedies is red clover.


What makes red clover so valuable?

Even though we often consider it a simple weed and try to eliminate it from our garden, red clover is a plant full of beneficial properties.

It contains isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen that works similarly to estrogen, the female hormone that declines with menopause.

The clover is an estrogen adaptogen - it either increases or decreases the level of estrogen in the body, as needed. For these reasons, clover is a renowned natural remedy that can help relieve the negative symptoms of menopause.

Studies have shown that, on average, women who consumed red clover extract have reduced the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and sweating. It also helps improve sleep quality, prevents hormonal imbalance and helps preserve bone health. It might also be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

How can it be consumed?

Red clover is available in the form of infusions or as a dietary supplement. Unfortunately, red clover tea doesn’t have a very pleasant taste, so for sensitive stomachs supplements are more advisable.

M-Pause is a natural food supplement, produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Featuring a winning combination of ingredients for reducing the negative symptoms associated with menopause.


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