Buna boosted her health and vitality with Sensilab

Buna is a professor and translator with a passion for music and a very busy lifestyle. Since her university days, she’s been struggling with her weight and body image. Keep reading to find out how Sensilab helped her feel lighter, gain energy and improve her well-being!

Buna's Testimonial

“I was OK with having a slightly more ‘masculine’ body type.”

Buna is of a larger build and prone to weight gain, but she was happy with her body in the past: “I was content in high school. I was OK with having a slightly more ‘masculine’ body type, with broad shoulders and strong legs, but also typically feminine features, like large breasts. I loved my body.”

Unfortunately, her health and well-being suffered a lot due to stress at university: “During my studies, I experienced bullying and disagreements, an unhealthy environment and problems at home, which all affected my overall well-being, both mentally and physically.”

“I was very pleased with what I discovered.”

These days, Buna works long hours as a professor and uses food supplements to keep her energy up during busy days. She first came across Sensilab through an ad on Facebook: “I looked at what the products contained and did a bit of research; I was very pleased with what I discovered.

Out of all the products she has tried, some of her favourites are our effective Liver Protect Bundle, our powerful natural diuretic WaterOut XXL, and our delicious TummyTox weight-loss line.

“I started noticing the first results after just a few days!”

Buna made her first order over two years ago and has remained loyal to Sensilab ever since – and it’s no wonder since she saw results so quickly: “I started noticing the first results after just a few days!

The products helped improve her well-being on several levels: “I wake up less tired, I have better digestion, and I can occasionally treat myself to something unhealthy without getting heartburn afterwards. My sleep and complexion are good.”

“I feel much lighter.”

Buna now feels very good in her body: “I no longer have the desire to eat late at night after work, I’m getting rid of excess water, I have no bladder problems, and I no longer feel bloated after lunch.”

Thanks to increased energy levels and improved physical mobility, Buna is also able to be more physically active: “I can walk a lot further and do some exercises that I wasn’t able to do before since they would cause pain in and below my knee. But not anymore!”

Did you know…?

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and get healthier. Even a brisk 10-minute walk every day is enough to reap numerous health benefits. It can help you build stamina, burn excess calories and improve your cardiovascular health – and it’s completely free!

Overall, Buna says that using Sensilab’s products has changed her life for the better: “I feel much lighter physically, even though I’m still quite heavy and don’t expect results overnight. I no longer feel as heavy in my legs, abdomen, and shoulders.

Top choices for boosting well-being

Buna has tried a great number of Sensilab products during the last two years, from vitamins and minerals to hormonal balance aids. These are two of her favourites for feeling lighter and improving vitality:

  • Liver Protect Bundle – an advanced combination of tea and capsules designed to cleanse your liver, improve digestion and kickstart weight loss in a natural way.
  • WaterOut XXL – a delicious strawberry-flavoured drink designed to reduce water retention and bloating, flush out toxins, and give you visible results within days!

Get Buna’s favourite products at a special price and join her on the path to a happier and healthier life today!

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