Francesco: "My digestion is better, I got rid of bloating and lost weight"

Francesco, a physiotherapist who works at a hospital, recently started to notice weight gainas a consequence of lockdown restrictions.


While Francesco describes his body type as normal, rather muscular, the closure of his gym during lockdown has taken a toll on his shape and overall well-being; Francesco started to struggle with his self-esteem too and realised he became uncomfortable in his own skin.

Sceptical at first...

He found out about Hepafar tea and capsules through Facebook ads: ‘At first I was sceptical. I was inspired by the packaging because I found it captivating. Then reading the ingredients I let myself be convinced.’

Francesco has now been using Hepafar Liver Cleanse Tea and Hepafar Forte capsules for six months and is happy to report the situation has improved a lot. 

"The first changes appeared after just 3 months!"

Mydigestion isbetter, I got rid of bloating and lost weight. Moreover, my sleep patterns have improved so I feel really rested in the morning, and what is great is also that I feel more comfortable in all those clothes that previously felt tight.

It all boils down to our liver

Insufficient exercise, as was the case with Francesco, in addition to stress, heavy foods and alcohol are just some of the factors that overburden our liver. And since an overburdened liver doesn’t hurt, we don’t do anything about it! In other words: preventive care is essential! 

The liver has over 500 key functions, so it surely makes sense to protect it well! 

"I will absolutely continue with these supplements!"

When asked about how the products changed his life in general, Francesco says: ‘They significantly improved my life. I really recommend them!

Based on Sensilab studies and customer reviews, you too can expect Hepafar products to purify your body, improve your energy levels,flush out toxins and revitalise your liver. 

Featuring natural ingredients, our herbal blend tea is a gentle helper to the liver; milk thistle, green tea, burdock root and dandelion are a perfect ingredient combo in the fight against bloating, excess fat, low energy levels and weight around the stomach. 

10-times more bioavailable than similar products 

And when it comes to Hepafar Forte, it has even been scientifically proven to be 10 times more bioavailable than similar products! It contains a phosphocomplex silybin, a patented form of milk thistle silybin that allows our liver to use the milk thistle up to 10 times more efficiently. 

Add to that artichoke, vitamin E and black pepper extract with 95% piperine, you’re on your way to maintaining normal liver function. 

Miss your old self? 

If you feel it’s time for you to feel like your old, healthier self again, why not start today with our revolutionary formulas? 

Plus, each customer receives a gift - Sensilab’s e-book that’s packed full of health tips, nutritional advice and delicious recipes so you can take a holistic approach to improving yourself. 

Get the whole package now, for an amazing discount!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website 

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