Harri: "I lost 7 kilograms. My motivation is at an all-time high and I am happier than ever."

Harri works as an elementary school counsellor in Finland. After gaining a bit of weight, his confidence decreased and he felt like he needed a change. Hepafar products helped make it happen!

How did he achieve this change? Keep reading...


Harri was gaining weight and starting to feel the effects of his unhealthy lifestyle. He started to feel that he needed to take action: “My body affected my mood and my energy and my self-confidence decreased. I had to do a full-body reset!”

Sensilab was the answer

Harri has tried Sensilab products before and he knew he could trust them. This time around, he decided to try Hepafar Detox Combo – the perfect full-body detoxification programme.

“Hepafar Fibers and Hepafar Forte helped me with my goals.”

After using Hepafar products he noticed changes in all aspects of his life. “I felt motivated to make a lifestyle change, I stopped drinking alcohol almost entirely, I am now eating healthier and exercising more.”

He even managed to lose weight and his mood completely changed: “My weight is finally starting to drop and I feel lighter. I lost 7 kg already! My motivation is at an all-time high and I am happier than ever.”

Results on the outside and inside

The change was even noticeable in his blood test results: “As it happens, I had blood tests done at the turn of the year and all my values have improved since then.”

Try Hepafar Detox Combo for yourself

Both Hepafar Forte and Hepafar Fibers were designed for a natural liver detox.

Hepafar Forte capsules contain a patented milk thistle extract which makes them 10x more potent than other similar products. These capsules help detoxify, regenerate and protect your liver. For best results, combine Hepafar Forte capsules with Hepafar Fibers drink.

This liver cleanse drink with soluble acacia gum fibre helps eliminate toxins from the body for a thorough liver cleanse. It binds toxins that the liver has eliminated during the detox and removes them from the body.

Now you can get these two wonderful products in one Hepafar Detox Combo bundle with a great discount:

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