Martina: “These products have helped me get started”

Martina, a young website developer and online media editor, is a big-time bookworm in her spare time. She described her physique as: “Undefined muscles and a bit of fat on the thighs, abdomen and upper arms.” After just 1* month of using Slimmium, she managed to lose weight and now feels much better about herself.


Keep reading to learn how she did it!

“I have never felt the best about my body”

Martina’s struggles affected how she felt about herself: “I have never felt the best about my body, but I am trying to embrace it and take it to a new level – one where I feel better and more beautiful in it.”

“I've never been very confident, and this has a lot to do with my body.”

One day, she saw an advertisement for Slimmium on Facebook and decided to try our products: “I wanted to try something new. I fall easily for ads, even though I work in marketing and know the tricks of the trade, I fall for them again and again. I am easily persuaded by a good description on a website.”

And she was glad that she was convinced this time!

“After the first week, I lost the first* kilo”

“I used the Slimmium Starter Bundle and KiloShred. I used them from the 15th of March 2022 to the 15th of April 2022.”

“I noticed the first change – increased water elimination – on the first day. After the first week, I lost the first* kilo, but there were no other obvious changes in my body.”

Did you know…?

  • How fast we can lose weight depends on how fast our metabolism is.1
  • As we lose weight, our metabolism slows down because there is less body weight to support. We can avoid this with dietary changes and exercise.2
  • Slimmium products can help boost our metabolism, so we can lose weight sustainably, without over-restricting our diet.

“I lost 2.5* kg in 1* month”

Martina is thrilled with the results she’s achieved with Slimmium products: “I also felt better because I wasn't thinking about food all the time.”

“The products boosted my motivation to lose weight. I also started to drink more thanks to the products, which is very important. The increased amount of fluid I drank also led to a reduced appetite.”

“I lost 2.5* kg in one month, which is amazing and a great way to kick-start further weight loss. Because I still have a way to go, it makes it less noticeable, but I'm still happy and looking forward to losing more.”


“I’ve finally found the motivation I needed”

The most significant change for Martina was the increased water retention.

“I feel a little bit better, and I believe that I can really lose weight and get to the weight I want.”

“There’s still a long way to go, but it’s a start, I have lost 2.5* kg and I believe I can lose more. I haven’t fully regained my confidence yet, but I am well on my way to doing so, and I feel better and more beautiful too.”

And her final message? “I am finally realising how essential it is to stay hydrated. I have found the motivation I needed to keep going. These products helped me get started!”

The complete weight-loss package

Slimmium Starter Bundle contains everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

  • Step 1: Detox the body, cleanse the liver and make fat burning more effective as a result.
  • Step 2: Crank up the heat and watch the numbers on the scale drop.

As a gift, Martina would like to offer you 15% off this bundle! Use the coupon code 15_MARTINA at checkout – for healthier weight loss at an amazing price!

**Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.


1 Liz Weinandy MPH, R. D. N. (2018, January 8). How to lose weight without slowing down your metabolism: Ohio State Health & Discovery. Ohio State Health and Discovery. Retrieved May 25, 2022, from,less%20body%20weight%20to%20support

2 Lawrence, J. (n.d.). Energy-boosting foods for diet fatigue. WebMD. Retrieved May 25, 2022, from

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