I had no idea I had hormonal problems and how much it affected my everyday life

Tanya found herself at a stressful point in her life. She felt sluggish and quickly gained excess pounds. She decided to try a natural product that could help her with her problems: “After only 2 months of using Estrolux, I noticed major changes.”


Tanya decided to try Estrolux after several unsuccessful weight-loss attempts. After 2 months of use, she feels lighter, happier and she has more energy. She has even managed to get rid of her fatty deposits.

“I’d watch what I eat, but the pounds kept piling on”

“I was under a lot of stress at the time because I was starting my own business. I simply didn’t have time to look after myself,” she explains. “I’ve always been careful about what I eat, but the pounds kept piling on anyway. I began noticing more and more fat deposits around my waist, on my hips and abdomen.

“I discovered that hormones were to blame”

“I had blood work done, but the results seemed normal. Despite that, I was still struggling with the same issues and gaining weight. I eventually discovered that hormones were to blame.”

“I came across an ad for a completely natural product - Estrolux. I had nothing to lose so I decided to try it. After only 2 months of using it, I noticed major changes.”

“I haven't felt so happy in a long time”

"My fat deposits have decreased, my metabolism is much faster and my digestion is great. I feel full of energy and like a completely new person."

“Despite the stress and lack of time, I feel great!

Tanya is extremely satisfied with how she feels mentally and physically. “Despite the stress and lack of time, I feel great! I recommended Estrolux to a friend and she loves it as well.”

Estrolux is a natural solution

Estrolux is a 100% natural product that helps effectively eliminate excess estrogen. It regulates hormonal balance, detoxifies your liver and helps with the uncomfortable effects of high estrogen levels.

The combination of 7 natural ingredients - lemon balm, bladderwrack, rosemary, soy, flaxseed, broccoli, vitamin B6 - has a unique synergistic effect.

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