Vitamin D, the Cold Killer?

Everyone knows that we need Vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles as well as to help regulate the amount of calcium in the body but did you know it helps prevent colds too? At least that's what a recently published report in the British Medical Journal has suggested.


Researchers at Queen Mary University of London created a study involving 11,321 individuals, testing the benefits of Vitamin D. Among many interesting findings they found:


  1. One in 33 people taking a Vitamin D supplement would avoid the common cold, compared to one in 40 who are spared the flu after taking a vaccine. 
  2. The most effective way to consume Vitamin D is to take it daily or weekly, rather than in a large monthly dose.
  3. The supplement was most effective on this who were already deficient in Vitamin D and cut infections by around 10%. 


 In total, the study suggests that over three million British people could be spared colds each year by simply taking a regular supplement. 

The researchers have called for Vitamin D to be put into more foods, like in the US, to help increase the nation's consumption. This, however, will be a long process, if even agreed upon, with a daily or weekly supplement being your best option for now.

 Both the NHS and Public Health England (PHE) recommend those in the UK all take a Vitamin D supplement between the months of October to March, due to the climate. Yet, neither have suggested this should be done for the prevention of colds but rather for bone and muscle health. 

 The tides do seem to be changing however, with leading health experts recognising the importance of this study. Professor Martin Hewison of the University of Birmingham was quoted as saying the findings were “striking”, adding “I agree with the authors that this study supports a new vindication for Vitamin D beyond its established benefits for bone health”. 

 Whilst the research branch of the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research, whom funded the study, believed the results are “worthy of serious further debate”. 

 So, what Vitamin D supplement should you be taking? 

 There are hundreds and hundreds of Vitamin D supplements to choose from out there but it's vital to get the right one. Many offer just a normal dose of the vitamin whilst some offer both Vitamin D and other minerals.

 It's important to understand what exactly Vitamin D does when picking your perfect supplement. Rather than directly protecting your bones and muscles, it is actually calcium that does that job. Vitamin D rather ensures that any calcium you have is stored in the bones for proper use.

 Without enough calcium in your diet, your body will start taking too much calcium from your bones, leading to a loss of bone mass and chances of osteoporosis. 

 Consequently, it makes way more sense to take a supplement that has both Vitamin D and calcium, right? 

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