Vitamins from Food or Vitamins from Food Supplements?

21 Dec 2016

Maybe you'll be a little bit surprised, but vitamins from food are better than vitamins from dietary supplements.

However, when establishing whether or not we should be taking vitamin supplements, we have to consider the following:

  • How varied is our diet?
  • Do we eat a lot of processed food?
  • What is the quality of food that's available to us?
  • Do our meals meet our daily needs for essential nutrients?
  • What kind of lifestyle do we have?

A lot of produce available to us lacks micronutrients and does not help our organism function optimally. Experts recommend that we opt for fresh produce and plan our meals carefully, but that can be quite difficult because of our incresingly hectic lifestyles. Some studies also say that even fresh fruit and vegetables can lack nutrients due to environmental factors.

Our ALL IN A DAY line of products has combined all the necessary vitamins in a way that enables them to work together!

For example, we combined all-natural extracts of tumeric and black pepper, which enables better bio-availability. We also added calcium to vitamin D, since it can contribute to better absorption and utilisation of calcium.

Should you be taking vitamin supplements?

There are certain groups of people that have a greater need for an increased intake of vitamins and minerals. You may not even be aware that you belong into one of the following groups:

    • Women, before or during pregnancy - esspecially additional folic acid
    • People with certain health problems that can affect the absorption of certain nutritents (allergies, food intolerances, liver problems, etc.)
    • Smokers - smoking affects the absorption of vitamin C from food
    • People that are not sufficiently exposed to sunlight may require vitamin D supplements
    • People with high blood pressure - Calcium and vitamin D contribute to natural regulation of blood pressure
    • The elderly - calcium supplements are recommended to anyone suffering from osteoporosis
    • Active individuals - magnesium helps relax muscles and can help prevent muscle cramps
    • Individuals that experience migraines - magnesium can help reduce the duration of migraines
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