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*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Food supplement

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

Marine coral calcium capsules

Sango Coral Calcium

180 capsules | Receive a 60-day supply

Capsules with marine coral powder with calcium and magnesium as well as 72 other minerals and trace elements.

Contents: 1x Sango Coral Calcium 180 capsules/60 days

Marine coral calcium capsules

Sango Coral Calcium

180 capsules | Receive a 60-day supply

Capsules with marine coral powder with calcium and magnesium as well as 72 other minerals and trace elements.

  • 100% pure ocean coral from Okinawa 

  • 3 capsules (daily dose) contain: 3000 mg of marine coral powder, consisting of calcium (600 mg) and magnesium (300 mg) 

  • Contains calcium and magnesium at a ratio of 2:1 

  • Provides 74 minerals and trace elements 

  • Natural product 

  • Made in Germany 

  • Great price / performance ratio 

Contents: 1x Sango Coral Calcium 180 capsules/60 days

Sufficient for 60 days

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Sango marine coral capsules - original from Okinawa

Sango marine coral in capsules are an easy way to supply the body with natural alkalising minerals.

Sango Coral Calcium consists of 100% natural coral powder with a natural spectrum of basic minerals and trace elements in an ionised form. It provides both highly bioavailable calcium for building strong bones and teeth, as well as 73 other minerals and trace elements.

Compared to other Coral Calcium Products, it contains higher amounts of alkaline magnesium, which supports inner peace and relaxation.

Each capsule of Sango Coral Calcium supplies 1000 mg of pure Coral calcium powder, which contains 200 mg calcium and 100 mg magnesium.

Advantages of Sango Coral Calcium capsules:

  • Sango Coral Calcium contains Coral Calcium from Okinawa, which is derived from sea corals.

  • Contrary to other products, Sango Coral Calcium also contains essential magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are present in a ratio of 2:1 naturally.

  • Sango Coral Calcium also includes 72 trace elements such as selenium, zinc, copper, chromium, vanadium, germanium, iodine, manganese, and many others.

  • Sango Coral Calcium provides valuable basic minerals and trace elements in an ionised form, which guarantees optimal resorption into the body.

  • Sango Coral Calcium can supply important minerals and trace elements. This is essential because our foods today contain fewer minerals due to monocultures and excess acidification.

  • The percentage of minerals and trace elements in Sango Coral Calcium is nearly identical to the composition in a healthy human body.

  • Sango Coral Calcium is a 100% natural product, guaranteed free from unnecessary additives, colourants, flavourings, fillers, or binders.

  • Sango Coral Calcium contains only traces of iodine (about 1.1 mcg per capsule) so it’s also suitable for people who are limiting their intake of iodine.

The secret to a long life from Okinawa

Okinawa, a group of 161 islands, is home to the oldest people in the world. The wheel of time seems to spin more slowly in Okinawa – its people have successfully slowed their ageing process. What is their secret to being vigorous and fit even at 100?

In Ogimi, a little village in the north of Okinawa, one can find the following inscription carved into a stone: 'With 70 years you are still a child, with 80 still a youth and should your forbearers, at 90, invite you to heaven tell them to have patience until you have turned 100 – then you might consider it.'

These words could actually be Okinawa's motto, an area where hundred-years-olds work vigorously and without help in their gardens. The word 'retirement' does not even exist in their language.

The country with the most centenarians

Okinawa is home to more 100-year-old people than any other place in the world. Nearly all the islanders' mental and physical fitness is above average, and they hardly suffer from any age-related illnesses. Is this just coincidence?

Scientists wanted to know the truth and observed the way of life of 70-year-old Okinawans in a study spanning over 25 years.

They discovered 3 factors mainly responsible for the islanders' health and vigour into old age:

  1. Healthy eating habits with a high percentage of vegetables, fruits, salads, soy, and fish rich in Omega. They eat small meals with low calorie counts, spread out over the day, very little fat, meat, eggs, and sweets. Several cups of green tea or jasmine tea are consumed daily.
  1. Okinawans are physically active their whole life and have a positive view of life.
  1. The local drinking water shows high concentrations of basic minerals. Okinawa's islands are made of corals, which deposit their health-building minerals and trace elements in the water.


The high basic mineral content makes Okinawa's drinking water unique. The rain falls in a trickle through the islands' plentiful coral sand. On its way, it absorbs valuable minerals and trace elements and reaches the extraordinarily basic pH level of 8 to 8.5.

The critical difference to common mineral water is that the minerals appear in ionised form and can be resorbed by the body almost in their entirety. Without being aware of it, the inhabitants of Okinawa have resorbed basic minerals in their water for centuries and thus naturally promoted their health.

What do we need calcium for?

  • is crucial for building and maintaining the bones

  • is required for the preservation of normal teeth

  • important for normal signal transmission between the nerve cells

  • contributes to normal energy metabolism

  • is involved in the normal functioning of the muscles

  • contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes

  • is important for normal blood clotting

  • has a function in cell division and specialisation

Vitamin D3 and K2 support the absorption of calcium

Since vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium from the intestine, we recommend the additional intake of this important vitamin. Adequate intake of vitamin K2 is also crucial for the storage of calcium in the bones.

It is therefore recommended to take vitamin D3 and K2 in addition to Sango Coral Calcium. This is easily possible with the following products.
- Vitamin D3 5000 plus 200 mcg vitamin K2.
- Vitamin D3 2500 plus 100 mcg vitamin K2

What is the daily calcium requirement?

The companies for nutrition in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland recommend the following daily calcium intake with the D-A-CH reference values.

These recommendations apply to healthy people and include the total calcium intake through foods (such as milk & chocolate milk, cheese, various types of vegetables, mineral water), foods fortified with calcium and the intake of calcium via food supplements (e.g. Sango Coral Calcium).

  • Children
    1 to 3 years – 600 mg
    4 to 6 years – 750 mg
    7 to 9 years – 900 mg
    10 to 12 years – 1100 mg
    13 to 14 years – 1200 mg
  • Teenagers and Adults
    15 to 18 years – 1200 mg
    19 to 24 years – 1000 mg
    25 to 50 years – 1000 mg
    51 to 64 years – 1000 mg
    65 years and older – 1000 mg
  • Pregnant and lactating women – 1000 mg
  • Pregnant and lactating women under 19 years – 1200 mg

Depending on how muchcalciumyoueat, youcanalso take calcium in the form ofSangoCoralCalcium to meetyourdailyneeds. Eachcapsulecontains 1 gram ofSangoCoralCalciumpowderandprovides 200 mg ofcalciumand 100 mg ofmagnesium.

Is Sango Coral Calcium also suitable for children and teenagers?

Yes, children and adolescents can also take Sango Coral Calcium. You should use the the calcium requirement guideline listed above and take that additional amount to cover your daily requirement.

Since dairy products are the most calcium-rich foods, one should specifically take these into account the number of dairy products one eats when calculating the calcium requirement. This means that children and adolescents, who eat little or no milk products need significantly more calcium than those who consume one or more servings of milk products every day.

The capsules can be easily pulled apart and the contained Sango Coral Calcium powder can be stirred into drinks or meals.

How much iodine does Sango Coral Calcium contain?

It contains about as much as low-iodine foods like bananas with 1 to 2 mcg iodine content or yoghurt with 3 to 4 mcg iodine per 100g. Foods that contain a lot of iodine include fish, seafood, mushrooms, broccoli, peas or egg yolks, which provide between 15 mcg to well over 50 mcg iodine per 100 g.

In contrast, each capsule of Sango Coral Calcium contains only about 1.1 mcg of iodine.

In total, an adult consumes an average of 100 mcg iodine per day. This does not include iodised salt, which is used in 85% of households and in almost all processed foods for salting.

Compared to normal nutrition, Sango Coral Calcium only contains traces of iodine so it’s also suitable for people who are limiting their intake of iodine. 


  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Free of Colours
  • Fructose Free
  • Gelatine Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lactose Free
  • No Artificial Sweetener
  • No Flavours
  • No Microcrystal Cellulose
  • No Sugar Alcohol
  • Non-GMO
  • Nut Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Made In Europe
  • Without Additives

Guaranteed Quality for Your Health

When it comes to your health, quality is most important. Therefore, our Vitality Nutritionals products undergo state-of-the-art independent laboratory analysis to verify label claims and to ensure that you get the highest quality nutrition supplements.

These 5 factors guarantee our quality:

1. Proven quality

  • all ingredients are tested for their purity and active compounds
  • an independent laboratory also checks the quality of the end products
  • the quality of the ingredients and products is confirmed by a certificate of analysis

2. Highest quality ingredients without compromise

  • we only use the highest quality and pure ingredients
  • standardised ingredients guarantee the potency of active ingredients
  • highest bioavailability in a therapeutically effective dose

3. Guaranteed pure and free from additives

  • total avoidance of all unnecessary additives
  • absolutely free of artificial colours, fillers, binders etc.
  • guaranteed free of genetically modified substances

4. Manufactured in certifies companies

  • manufactured in certified facilities with the latest production equipment
  • produced in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations
  • manufactured to the highest quality standards such as GMP, HACCP, IFS, etc.

5. Complete transparency

  • all ingredients and composition of the raw materials are indicated
  • specification of all ingredients with their standardised active content
  • allergens and animal products are always stated

Product Details

Sango Coral Calcium

Item No.6873-0C
BrandVitality Nutritionals
Servings Per Unit180
Capsule ShellVegetable Cellulose
Made In


Pack Size180 Capsules
Serving Size1 Capsule

How to use

The recommended daily intake is 1 capsule three times daily.

1 capsules

Three times per day


Sango Marine Coral from Okinawa, plant Cellulose (capsule), Rice Bran

Allergens: Contains fossilised Corals and may also contain traces of shellfish (crabs, shrimp). Therefore, this product is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians and those, allergic to fish.

Guaranteed pure and free from additives:

  • free from lactose, gluten, yeast
  • free from wheat and dairy products
  • free from artificial colours and preservatives
  • free from genetically modified substances
  • filled in capsules of plant origin
  • suitable for diabetics


3 capsules contain:

  • 3000 mg Sango Coral Calcium Powder, containing:
    - 600 mg Calcium
    - 300 mg Magnesium
    - 72 other natural minerals and trace elements


Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with 8 fl oz (0.23 l) of water (one each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).


Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children. The information provided is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professionals. It is not a statement on healing or a recommendation for self-medication.


If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of this product or use medication, consult your doctor before use. This product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


  • Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place
  • Protect from sunlight and moisture
  • Do not store in the refrigerator
  • Leave the desiccant in the container
  • Keep out of reach of children