Step by step towards a healthier lifestyle


Good intentions: Everyone knows them. In the beginning the motivation is high, but soon disillusionment follows. Most of the time our intentions have quickly evaporated quietly and secretly. Time to change this. We will show you how to keep at it and establish new habits - with these 7 steps, which you can easily implement.

Step 1: Set yourself realistic goals

Before you even think about HOW you will achieve your goal, think carefully about WHAT you want to achieve. Set yourself a realistic goal. One that encourages and challenges you, but is achievable. Because nothing frustrates faster than an overly ambitious or inaccurate resolution.

Unrealistic (and also unhealthy): "Lose five kilograms in six days."

Better: "Lose two pounds in six weeks."

Step 2: Break your goal down into small sub-steps

You have set yourself a big goal, but somehow you are not really able to achieve it? You postpone everything until later and distract yourself? Your head is blocked? That's because your intention remains abstract. You can't grasp it, you can't handle it.

The solution: Set yourself small subtasks that bring you closer to your big goal. This will get you into action. You can then tick off the tasks one by one. With each check mark you set, you feel new motivation.

Too vague: "I want to live healthy."

In specific terms with partial steps:

  1. From January: "Stairs in the morning instead of an elevator" - "No fast food at noon, but salad"
  2. From February: "Only eat meat twice a week"
  3. From March: "Always cycle to work"
  4. From April: "Tuesday evenings always jogging with Janine"
  5. ...

Step 3: He who writes, remains

Write down precisely what exactly you will be doing. "If... then... The more detailed the better. Your brain processes this information unconsciously and is already getting a little friendly with your plans. You are sowing the seeds of change. It really works!

Besides, you will not trick yourself so easily later on. You can always look it up and see where you are at in achieving your goal. Cycling, that was only in June, right? No - from March on you can go cycling. That's what your record says in black and white.

Step 4: Plan fix appointments

Schedule fixed time windows and fixed dates for your activities in the calendar now: Workshops, fitness courses, a long bike tour and of course fixed dates for your sports units. In this way, you can change your lifestyle and habits in a very concrete way.

For example, block your calendar for sports every Tuesday next year from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (it doesn't really matter which sport you're going to do right now). The main thing is that you don't make any other plans. Or do you already know more concretely? Then let's go: Mon 8 o'clock jogging, Thu 17 o'clock Pilates, Sat 11 o'clock swimming ...

Every Sunday morning, you could enter your ego time: from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. you only do things for yourself (reading, meditating, walking in the forest, sewing, yoga ...).

Step 5: Find allies

Make your goals public. Either in the smallest circle (brother, wife, children, parents, best friend ...) or in front of acquaintances, sports-mad colleagues at work or in your fitness group on Facebook - it doesn't matter, the main thing is that you tell others about your plans.

You will then pursue your goal more consistently. And you might find allies who will support you, motivate you, train with you, or just stand by you when you want to tackle your tasks.

Step 6: Visualize your resolution

It is motivating when we have our goal metaphorically and figuratively in front of us at all times. Hang up your goal clearly visible in your home or workplace.

This can be your fitness goal ("manage 10 km without getting out of breath"), your weight loss goal ("6 kg by the wedding in June" - it is best to stick a photo of your wedding dress or similar next to it) or your goal to increase your well-being or vitality ("Every Wednesday I do something just for me").

A photo of a person who is a great role model for you can also be motivating. Every time you look at the photo, you think to yourself: "What would he/she do now?", "How did he/she do it?

Step 7: Use your imagination

Imagine already now how it feels when you have reached your goal. What do you think, look, listen, taste? Who is with you? How does your body feel?

Preserve this positive feeling and recall it from time to time when you think of your goal.