5 reasons why our grannies love apple cider vinegar

Grandmothers always have a couple of natural remedies up their sleeves. Apple cider vinegar is something they’d recommend as a cure for many ailments. It is also ancient - it’s been around for over 3000 years. It was even used by the Ancient Egyptians, who believed it had many uses. In the 1970s, the fact that it’s beneficial for weight loss led to a resurgence in popularity. Let's take a closer look!


1. Balanced pH

Our fast-paced lifestyles often make it impossible for us to have a normal and healthy diet. Eating too much processed food can have an affect on our body’s pH balance, which is why we may experience a decline in energy after a meal. We may also experience headaches, a sore throat, sinus problems and it can even lead to arthritis. Apple cider vinegar restores basicity to the body and this helps keep our pH balance in check.

2. Complete beauty treatment

Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a natural skin care product. It can be beneficial to wash your hair with it - it can make hair stronger and shinier. As a facial tonic, it helps balance the natural pH of the skin. Using it in the morning and evening before continuing with the rest of your routine is sufficient. After a while, your skin may appear brighter and more even-toned. If you get a sunburn, it can function as a soothing lotion - pour some apple cider vinegar into your bath. And finally - good news for all coffee lovers out there, apple cider vinegar is also great for teeth whitening and helps remove staining.

3. A remedy for heartburn

Many people have problems with heartburn. This is due to insufficient levels of gastric acid. Apple cider vinegar can help you maintain your levels of gastric acid, which helps you digest your meals more easily. Interestingly, although the base of apple cider vinegar is aetic, it does not contribute to the acidity of the organism. Instead, it increases the alkaline pH, which is very important for our health.

4. Fighting against colds and sore throats

Apple cider vinegar is great for relieving the first symptoms of a cold, since it contains mucus-thinning potassium, which will help you breathe. It also helps prevent the further multiplication of germs - the actual main cause of a stuffy nose. It also helps raise energy levels and boosts immunity. Just a few tablespoons in a glass of water a day is enough to reap the benefits.

5. Detoxing the body and weight loss

Apple cider vinegar helps the body detoxify, since it stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes faster circulation. These qualities are why it became so popular with people trying to boost their weight loss and maintaining a slimmer figure. It also gives a sense of satiety, promotes metabolism and decreases water retention.

The most powerful and delicious weight-loss drink

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