6 reasons why you should start taking a curcumin supplement today

Curcumin has been celebrated for its health benefits for thousands of years. Also known as the golden spice, the most active compound in turmeric prides itself on a range of properties that make it the uncontested winner when it comes to giving your body effective, natural support.


Here, a rundown of some of the benefits of the superhero of the supplement world - curcumin.

1. Supports the function of the nervous system

Curcumin has been found to improve cognitive function. Using supplements can support working memory, stimulate calmness and satisfaction, and help you cope with negative stress. Curcumin doesn’t just spice up your food but may also provide positive effects on the health of your brain.

2. Helps maintain the health of the lungs and upper respiratory tract

The role of curcumin in the treatment in pulmonary disease has been extensive. Thanks to its ability to help your body neutralise free radicals and break down mucus, freeing our airways, curcumin can help relieve coughing and improve our ability to breathe. 

3. Supports heart function 

Taking curcumin supplements may provide additional support in combating many factors that lead to cardiovascular issues. Even healthy adults should be taking curcumin supplements to support production and quality of blood and blood circulation. Improving arterial health can be all the better when opting for supplements with high bioavailability.

4. Boosts immunity

Curcumin is your best friend when it comes to boosting your immunity. While strengthening it is an ongoing process, curcumin’s properties can help promote optimal immune balance that is constantly disrupted by chronic stress, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep and exposure to toxins.

5. Helps maintain the health of the liver

The liver plays such an important role in the body, converting the nutrients into substances the body can use, storing them and then supplying cells with them. With positive effects on the lipid profile, curcumin prevents the accumulation of fats and facilitates their elimination by the liver.

6. Contributes to joint and bones health

Cartilage gets thinner with age, meaning your bones may not get the cushioning they need. Joint pain and inflammation is a nightmare, with our hips, knees and fingers being the most common areas of pain. Curcumin can contribute to joint and bone health, allowing you better flexibility so you can go places and do your favourite things without pain - how about that?

Which curcumin to grab hold of? 

When making the choice which product to go for, Avenobo Curcuma is your safest bet. 1 single capsule equals 20 standard capsules of 500 mg 95% curcumin, making it a highly effective supplement.

A revolutionary approach that enhances the ingredients’ absorption by 185 times ensures that you really get to reap all the benefits of curcumin. We also added vitamin D3 to the formula to give your immune system an extra boost!


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