6 tips for Christmas

You know, that there is no December without the chill as there is no Christmas without that drinking spree. Christmas with loved ones and New Year with friends, yes, but the consequences can be very liver unfriendly?. You cannot just say no to all the delights that are offered to us.

Punctually we would swear that that sweet home-made from a best friend will be really the last trick of the evening but you know, how they end things, so we have prepared some tips on how to keep fit during the holiday season.


6 tips for Christmas 

1. Start with a glass of lemonade for breakfast.

Do not waste much time in the morning with the fiddling of the choices for your breakkfast. The morning is not the ideal time to plan the day in fact it should be planned a day before. Wake up your body with a glass of lemonade. It will make you feel better and help you melt fat. It contains vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant. 

2. Replace cakes and cupcakes with unleavened bread, choose wholemeal biscuits

Do not choose biscuits or cakes covered with icing or any other over used sweetners which may look appealing but appearance is not everything. They contain too much sugar and fat, which are placed on top of the food pyramid. If you prepare yourself some sweet, use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar. Also, instead of wheat flour use whole wheat flour or spelled flour. 

3. Eat fruit instead of chocolate

That terror shopping in December. Everywhere there are shelves full of sweets and chocolate. Most of the ingredients of these sweets are not very healthy. Instead of Santa Claus of chocolate, sweeten your parties with dried fruit and citrus foods, which are plenty at this time of year. 

4. Drink enough water

Our body is made up mostly of water, and so you have to supply with enough fluids to sustain that liquid content. It is recommended to drink up to three litres of water a day, or more if you practice physical activity. The water will give you at any time and a sense of satiety after a meal.

5. less mulled wine, tea more

December because of its low temperatures is a great time to warm up with a glass of mulled wine, but it should not become a habit. Choose other hot drinks, low calories like tea with a dash of lemon and clove. It is healthier and has relaxing effects on our body. 

6. Winter sports are a real swag!

December is the time of rest, but it is also a time for winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating: Enjoy a weekend in a mountain refuge with friends, even if you are not a true sportsman, a little 'company will not do you any harm.