URGENT: Spot the Signs of Liver Trouble Before it’s Too Late!

Is your liver OK? Here’s how to find out!

Most people never think about their liver. But it is an essential organ, critical to your life. It’s also the largest internal organ that works 24/7, processing everything you eat, drink, breathe in, or rub into your skin. Placing an undue burden on your liver by making bad lifestyle choices or living in a toxic environment can have disastrous consequences.


Are You Harming Your Liver?

From the foods you eat to the lifestyle you live; your liver is affected. Alcohol, cigarettes, stress, lack of exercise, junk food… You probably already know about those. But it goes beyond that, it’s also about what you put on your skin & hair or what you use to clean your home, or even the city you live in and the air you breathe. 

Spot the Signs of an Overburdened Liver Before It’s Too Late!

When your liver becomes overburdened, fat builds up in it. While a small amount of fat in your liver is normal, it becomes a problem when too much accumulates. In some cases this can lead to non-alcoholicfatty livera condition that affects over 25% of European adultsi! But since the liver doesn’t have any pain receptors (and therefore doesn’t hurt), you might not even know there’s a problem. 

It may send you some distress signals, though: 

  • Constantly feeling sluggish, tired, and fatigued

  • Gaining weight, especially around your stomach 

  • Inability to lose excess weight 

  • Poor digestion

  • Skin troubles, like frequent breakouts 

But there’s something you really need to know about an overburdened liver… 

These symptoms are vague and don’t usually ring any alarm bells for anyone. 

And on top of that, some people may have no signs at all, all the while the liver may be struggling. 

What Does the Liver Even Do?

The liver is responsible for performing over 500 functions that are crucial to life. Here are just a few of them: 

  • Cleansing your blood of toxins
  • Processing foods and drinks, converting them to nutrients your body can use 
  • Creating bile for digestion
  • Producing and storing energy
  • Regulating the balance of hormones as well as the supply of your vitamins and minerals

As you can see, while you’re busy living your life, your liver is working behind the scenes. And instead of supporting it, we often do the opposite.  

Here’s what you may be doing that can negatively impact your liver’s health… 

- Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Foods that are high in sugars and saturated fats play a major role in the development and progression of overburdened liver. These things may taste good, but they’re wreaking havoc inside of you.  

It’s one thing to have a treat here and there, but if your diet is riddled with unhealthy foods, it’s time to make a change

Similarly, if you’re not exercising, or you’re under a lot of stress, you’re putting more strain on your liver.  

- Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is a burden to your liver. Since it performs so many tasks at once, drinking a glass of wine, beer, or some other kind of cocktail will overwhelm it as it processes and detoxifies your blood.  

When that happens, it’s neglecting the other important tasks it usually does for you. 

- Being Overweight or Obese

Those that are carrying around extra weight tend to have problems with overburdened liver. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to anyone that is fit and slim either. 

Above all, central abdominal obesity is the one that means the most trouble for the liver.  

How to Start Taking Care of Your Liver Today

f you want to take care of your liver’s health, start today! Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Maintain a healthy weight 
  • Focus on eating foods that are good for you (while cutting out junk foods) 
  • Exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes each week 
  • Limit your alcohol consumption 
  • Control your blood glucose level 

Luckily, that’s not all you can do. Scientist have discovered many herbal extracts and and other substances with powerful liver-protecting effects

Let’s take a look at them. 

Extra Help for your Liver

- Choline

To support liver fat metabolism, you need a nutrient called choline to defend against fat accumulation. There is a patented form of choline called VitaCholine® that contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

- Artichoke

Helps to decrease the level of fats in the blood while promoting weight control

- Milk Thistle

A herb well known for it’s liver-protecting abilities. It works even better combined with artichoke. It is especially effective in the form of a PHOPHOcomplex that allows up to 10* times more of milk thistle extract’s active substance, silybin, to reach the bloodstream when compared to conventional milk thistle extract. This phytosomal silybin reaches the liver and shows up in the bile within a few hours. 

- Ginger 

It is known to help manage inflammatory responses and promote normal balance of inflammatory hormones. It also contributes to physical well-being and may help enhance energy.  

- Dandelion

A herb traditionally used for stomach and liver support. Aside from liver benefits, it also contributes to the wellbeing of intestinal tract

- Antioxidants

A combination of vitamin E, selenium and zinc can work wonders to contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.  

Don’t want to take a bunch of supplements? Just take one!

You can find all of the above in a single supplement. Hepafar Forte Premium is a 5-in-1 total liver detox solution that contains all of the aforementioned extracts and more. This detox solution is scientifically proven to: 

  • supports your liver fat metabolism,  
  • promotes liver regeneration
  • provide liver protection
  • boost detoxification,
  • enhance energy and vitality

It also includes a bioavailability enhancer piperine, a component of black pepper extract. This increases the bioavailability of herbal ingredients by at least 30%*.

Hepafar Forte Premium has helped 360,000 of people all around Europe feel more energised, lose extra weight and take a step towards protecting their liver from their everyday lifestyle choices. 

Make the first step towards protecting your liver TODAY and order Hepafar Forte Premium with a 30-day money-back guarantee here.  

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.