Damaged and dry winter Hair?

We all are facing a major health problem regarding hair including the split ends and hair loss.

To have healthy hair, we should first have good nutrition. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals can affect premature hair beauty and strength.

It is recommended to increase consumption of beans, coconut, vitamin A and B, cucumbers and turn to  supplements  if the problem persists



Damaged Hair? Now you have the solution to this problem!

Ginger root

It has all the merits of having beneficial effects on hair and skin. Mix grated ginger, 2 tablespoons olive oil and apply the solution where the problem persists. ginger has the role in stimulating hair growth, eliminate dandruff.

Treatment with beer

The nutrients provided by brewing ingredients harness hair, adding volume and hair.

Argan oil

It is recommended for people whose hair end is damaged also called the "elixir of youth".

  • moisturizes hair and restores its natural elasticity, helps to regenerate hair growth and protects hair against damage due to dyeing or free radicals, strengthens hair.
  • It helps to untangle hair leading to less breakage

When it comes to miracles here comes castor oil.

Create a Hair mask with castor oil and egg. All you need is: 1 yolk, a bottle of castor oil and lemon juice. Mix and apply on dry hair for 1-2 hours, this mask strengthens roots and hair.

  • for people who have problems with hair loss or alopecia, castor oil is a big help. The treatment involves massaging the scalp hair thoroughly before going to bed for three days a week;


It is used for hair loss. it acts as a tonic on the hair and stimulates its growth. In addition, the plant restores luster, radiance, and beauty;

  • Nettle improves the health of the scalp and strengthens hair follicles.

SENSILAB recommends Nutrishine

The biggest prevention is a new product from Sensilab for hair loss. Clinical trials conducted on  Nutrishine demonstrated the reduction in loss of hair to 100% for all the users encouraging the growth of natural hair in 90% of the users.