Drainer diet: just what you might need

The drainer diet is essential in disposing of body fluids and reducing water retention. Suitable mainly for women who suffer from bloating due to release problems, hormonal imbalances or menopause, this is a low-calorie diet that regulates the body’s normal functioning.


Salt is a main food ingredient that can cause water retention. The drainer diet is low in salt while increasing the intake of fiber, water, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. The diet is composed of a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, but also smoothies, soups, as well as wholegrain based food. During the diet it is important to eliminate very salty and very sweet foods, anything containing saturated fats (e.g. red meat, butter, cream, etc.), and particularly sodium, which usually causes an increase in the volume of fluids in the body. An ideal snack during the drainer diet is yogurt, also excellent for digestion, protects against intestinal infections and decreases bloating. 

During the drainer diet, water should be consumed in large quantities (preferably natural flat water) to hydrate the cells and help kidneys eliminate any toxins present in the body.

 What does one day of the drainer diet look like? 

Breakfast: three pieces of toast with two tablespoons of Jam (or honey), 125 ml of plain yogurt and a cup of green tea. Alternative: a cup of barley coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit. 

Pre-lunch snack: fresh fruit (cherries, plums, apricots or peaches) and a glass of water (drink this after the snack). 

Lunch: various types of salads(rice salad with barley, spelt and cereal; carrot salad; 80 grams of pasta with tomato sauce; grilled vegetables slightly seasoned) 

Mid-afternoon snack: fresh fruit, or a smoothie made with apples and carrots. Remember to always drink water. 

Light dinner: omelette, minestrone with beans, or 120 grams of dried beef or 150 grams of salmon. 

Drink water regularly. 

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We recommend the peach iced tea flavoured drainer drink to be embedded in the daily diet for its benefits: 

  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Slims the waist in a Flash
  • Eliminates toxins and increases body fluids
  • Will give you a feeling of lightness 

SlimcutDrainer contains 11 natural ingredients.It is unsweetened and can produce slimming overnight. You’ll be able to wear your favorite outfit again without having to struggle to close any zips on your pants!

 How does SlimCut Drainer work? 

This product contains a combination of plant extracts:

Ash leaf extract, cherry stem extract, Apple Cider vinegar powder and extract of prickly India pearin order to stimulate the elimination of excess fluids 

Dandelion root extract, hibiscus leaves and fennel fruit are responsible with eliminating the waste and toxins from the body;

  • elderflowers have been used since ancient times for their properties (improving digestion, regulating increased sweating and urinary problems)
  • black tea leaf extract increases the energy consumption through the thermogenic effect. Caffeine helps eliminate lipolysis and fat excess
  • chlorogenic acid restricts the conversion of sugar into fat
  • strong antioxidant, due to the high content of polyphenols 

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